Citizen Service

Do you have a request concerning the city of Innsbruck? The Citizens' Service is happy to help you. It is the contact point for everything concerning the services of the city hall.

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You can find the Citizen Service on the first floor of the City Hall Galleries or in the district office Igls and Vill. You are welcome to contact the Service Unit Citizen service and lost property service also by telephone or e-mail.

What official procedures can I take care of at the Citizen Service Center?

  • Providing information in person, by telephone and in writing (also by e-mail)
  • Processing of suggestions, proposals and complaints - bü
  • Referring citizens to the relevant departments of the Innsbruck City Council and outsourced companies
  • Issuing and/or receiving applications and forms (GIS, heating subsidy, rent subsidy, leaving the church, rehabilitation, dog tax, etc.)
  • Issuance of senior citizens' identity cards and life certificates
  • Sale of sweeping books
  • Sale of TISO (Tyrolean Social Market) vouchers and tickets for street musicians
  • Distribution of dog waste bags and "yellow bags
  • Handing in of lost property and issuing of loss reports
  • Activation of the cell phone signature
  • Senior Citizens Office. Information for seniors can also be found under Seniors.
  • Supervision of the district office Igls and Vill
  • Circulation of information brochures about the city and its surroundings
  • Advertising pillar: display of municipal and local events and information

How do I make suggestions and comments?

For suggestions and comments to the city administration, please use this form. Here you can leave a short feedback after recording your contact information.

Where can I report defects?

For reports of deficiencies in the public space but also for praise there are the citizen reports. Whether you have discovered defective street lighting, broken playground equipment, overflowing manhole covers or the beautiful flower islands of the city of Innsbruck, here you can comment on them. Your request will be forwarded and you will also receive an answer.

Cost-of-living consultation

Due to the massive increase in prices, the department Service Unit Citizen service and lost property service.. has set up a cost-of-living consultation service, which is now available to provide support to the people of Innsbruck.

Target public is the middle class, which did not need so far any support and due to the inflation wave with unusual loads fights. It is explicitly pointed out that the cost-of-living increase office of the city of Innsbruck is an advisory and not a financial spending office and also does not give legally binding information. The employees advise on existing funding opportunities, refer citizens to relevant internal and external specialized agencies, and are available to assist you in filling out paperwork.

If you wish to make use of the cost-of-living consultation, you can do so directly at the office during office hours or make an appointment in advance online or by telephone at Service Unit Citizen service and lost property service - Cost-of-living consultation...

Are you perhaps looking for a service that does not directly concern the city council?

District Office Igls and Vill

The district office Igls and Vill is the contact point for all residents of Igls and Vill.

Last updated 29.09.2023