Here you will find the mission statement, guiding goal, values and compliance guideline of the City of Innsbruck and links for anonymous references.

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Our mission statement

We are a modern service company that works competently, economically and sustainably.

Our guiding goal

The citizens should recognize, appreciate and accept our services. We regularly scrutinize them for need, quality, economic efficiency and sustainability. We ensure an orderly coexistence in the city and provide services of general interest for the citizens.

We commit ourselves to an environmentally friendly and efficient use of energy and resources in all areas of our activities. We want to provide the citizens with the greatest possible benefit and thus contribute to the quality of life in the city of Innsbruck.

Our values

Employee orientation - Citizen orientation - Economic efficiency - Sustainability

Compliance Guideline for Proper Service at the City Magistrate of Innsbruck

The Compliance Guideline applies to all employees of the City Magistrate of Innsbruck.

What is meant by the term "compliance" and what does the Compliance Guideline mean for the employees of the Innsbruck City Magistrate?

The term "compliance" comes from the English word "to comply with" and translates as "to adhere to, observe, take into account". It is a matter of course for us employees to comply with laws and regulations, so what is the point of "compliance"? The Compliance Guideline creates structures that go beyond the legal obligations and enable employees to find their way within these structures. With the Compliance Guideline, the City of Innsbruck also presents itself to the outside world and ensures that employees deal with the citizens of the City of Innsbruck correctly and in accordance with the basic principles of the Innsbruck City Administration.

The compliance guideline applies to all employees, from managers to holiday interns. It protects the reputation of the City of Innsbruck and avoids damaging and dangerous practices. Legal issues, such as corruption or data protection violations, are clearly defined.

The compliance guideline does not create additional control by the management level, but is an aid for employees to call upon in all cases of doubt. Adherence to the Compliance Guideline protects employees and guarantees their unassailability.

The Compliance Guideline safeguards the good reputation of the City Magistrate of Innsbruck. It is intended to ensure that individual employees can be proud to work for the Innsbruck City Administration.

Modules of the Compliance Guideline of the Municipality of Innsbruck

Equal treatment in terms of language

Insofar as terms referring to natural persons are only used in a gender-specific form in the Compliance Guideline, they refer to women and men in the same way. When applying the designations to specific natural persons, the respective gender-specific form shall be used.

Rules of Procedure

Here you can find the rules of procedure for the implementation of the compliance guideline for proper service at the City Magistrate of Innsbruck.

Compliance Officer

How to reach the Compliance Officers of the City of Innsbruck:

Anonymous tips & whistle-blowing portal

Any person is free to anonymously contact the Office of the Prosecutor for Economic Affairs and Corruption (WKStA) within the framework of the whistle-blowing system. This should enable any maladministration in the context of corruption to be pointed out and damage to be prevented or at least limited.

In addition, the City of Innsbruck has also set up its own whistle-blowing portal for anonymous reporting.

Last updated 27.09.2023