When traveling abroad, you must carry a travel document. Learn everything about applying for a passport, express passport and emergency passport here.

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When traveling abroad, it is recommended to always carry a passport - even in the few cases where a passport is not mandatory. Make sure that your passport is valid ! If this is not the case, you must apply for a new passport. In urgent cases, you can also apply for an express passport, one-day express passport or emergency passport.

How do I get a new passport?

You can apply for a passport at any passport authority in Austria, regardless of your place of residence. One such passport authority is the Service Unit Registration and residents' affairs, passport matters - Passport and identity card, ID Austria of the citymagistrat Innsbruck.

If you want to apply for a passport in Innsbruck, you can do so directly at the office during office hours or make an appointment online in advance. In exceptional cases, you can also book an appointment by telephone at the Service Unit Registration and residents' affairs, passport matters - Passport and identity card, ID Austria.

You must apply for your passport in person at the Innsbruck City Magistrate's Office. The passport will normally be sent to you by mail to the address provided within about five working days. If you need the passport faster, there is an express passport, one-day express passport or emergency passport.

From the age of 12, an electronic fingerprint scanner is used to capture fingerprints when you apply for a passport. As a rule, both index fingers are scanned and the prints are stored on a chip in the passport. This increases the security against forgery and facilitates unambiguous assignment. The fingerprints are deleted no later than four months after the application is submitted and remain stored only on the chip in the passport.

What documents do I need for a passport?

  • Old passport
  • birth certificate if possible
  • Passport photo (portrait format 35 x 45 mm) that is not older than six months and meets the passport photo criteria
  • Fees: 75.90 euros (express passport 100 euros, one-day express passport 220 euros).

If you book an appointment online, you will receive even more info about the required documents.

I need a new passport urgently, what can I do?

There are three ways to get your passport faster:

  • The Express Pass port is a regular passport that receives priority in production and delivery (usually within two to three business days).
  • The One-Day Express Passport is a normal passport that is delivered by messenger service the next business day (Monday through Friday, except holidays).
  • For particularly urgent cases, the temporary emergency pass port (e.g. for the duration of a trip) is issued directly at the passport office (does not contain a chip). Detailed information on the topic of"emergency passport" can be found at

If you need an emergency passport outside opening hours, please contact the Mobile Monitoring Group (MÜG) by phone.

Not all countries accept an emergency passport or require further conditions (e.g. USA, Turkey, Indonesia). The final entry requirements can only be obtained from an embassy of the respective country.

My travel document was stolen. What now?

You are abroad and your travel document has been stolen? Go to the local police and file a theft report. With the report, an embassy or consulate can issue an emergency passport for your return trip.