Information on public underground parking, short-stay parking zones, parking streets, handyparking, park & ride and parking cards for residents, people with walking disabilities or entrepreneurs.

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For an overview of all parking options and public transport stops, please refer to the city map.

Tips for parking in Innsbruck

Public underground garages

All underground garages, disabled parking spaces, parking ticket machines and bus stops are marked on the city map.

Here you can find all underground garages in Innsbruck incl. opening hours and tariffs:

Park & Ride

There are two Park & Ride services in the city of Innsbruck:

Short-term parking zones & parking streets

In the city's short-term parking zones, parking time is limited to 90 or 180 minutes. Without a time limit, you can park for a fee either in the public underground garages or in parking streets. The city map shows you exactly in which street which zone applies with which costs and maximum parking durations.

Short-term parking zones:

  • In the paid short-term parking zones of the city of Innsbruck, you may park for 90 or 180 minutes, depending on the zone.
  • In the 90-minute short parking zones, the fee applies from Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., and on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m..
  • The 180-minute short-stay parking zones are metered Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • The zones are marked in blue. From this you can conclude that there is a time limit or maximum parking duration for parking. Basically, however, the markings alone do not say anything about a possible obligation to pay fees, this can be seen solely from the signage.
  • Parking streets:
    • In parking streets you can park for a fee without a time limit.
    • Parking lanes are marked with a "P" in a green circle and a green line. When the "P" is crossed, you are in a parking street, also called a green zone. The "P" serves - in addition to the signage - to make a parking street regulation easier to recognize.
    • In parking streets, fees are payable Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.
    • In the park roads near the following local recreation areas, fees must be paid seven days a week:
      • Ambras Castle
      • Hungerburg
      • Kranebitten parking lot
      • Hawaii parking lot
      • in summer: Zone N (Tivoli outdoor swimming pool)
  • Zones for residents:
    • There can be parking lanes everywhere, where only residents with the resident parking card are allowed to park.
    • Residents' parking lanes are mainly found in short-stay parking zones.
    • They are marked with stop and no parking signs with additional signs such as "except vehicles with zone 'Y' parking cards".

The city map shows you exactly in which street which zone with which costs and maximum parking durations apply. In addition, this information is also available on the parking ticket machines on site. You can also find the locations of the parking ticket machines on the city map.

What does the ground marking say about the parking zone?

In Innsbruck there are blue, blue dashed, white, white dashed and green marked parking spaces on public property in the street space.

Basically, all markings for stationary traffic (i.e. parked vehicles) are white and interrupted. Only in the case of temporary parking, these markings are blue. The marking, whether white, blue, solid or dashed, says nothing about a possible obligation to pay or whether these parking spaces are reserved for residents, for loading or similar. This can only be seen from the signage.

Basically, markings on the ground do not say anything about a possible obligation to pay or residents parking lanes, this is solely from the signage.

How can I pay the parking fee?

You can pay the parking fee with coins at the parking ticket machines on site or conveniently via mobile app.

Parking ticket machines

On the parking ticket machines you will find information about which zone applies with which costs and maximum parking durations. Currently, payment is only possible with coins. Please note that the machines do not have change, so they do not pay out any remaining amounts. The locations of the parking ticket machines can be found in the city map.

Parking ticket machine malfunction

If you notice a malfunction of the parking ticket machine, please contact the Service Unit Road Administration directly.


With Handyparking you can pay your parking fees conveniently and without cash. In principle, handyparking is possible in the entire city area. Billing is done by the minute. Here you will find the instructions and the operators for handyparking in Innsbruck:

Five steps to handyparking

  1. Check to see which parking apps work in Innsbruck.
  2. Follow the instructions of the parking app you have chosen.
  3. Start the parking process in your app.
  4. End parking for per-minute billing. The end of parking can also be set in advance. Attention: After the maximum parking time has expired, parking will end automatically.
  5. The charges are billed in retrospect via a monthly collective invoice.

Parking fee for electric vehicles

In Innsbruck, electric, hydrogen and hybrid vehicles are not exempt from the parking fee.

Parking permit for people with disabilities

The parking permit (according to § 29b StVO) is issued by the Social Ministry Service.

Prerequisite is the disabled person's pass with the additional entry: "Unreasonable use of public transport due to permanent mobility restriction due to a disability".

With the pass according to § 29b StVO it is allowed to get in or out of the car and to load and unload the necessary aids for people with disabilities, e.g. a wheelchair,

  • on road sections where stopping and parking is prohibited by traffic signs, as well as
  • in the second lane


  • in places where parking is prohibited by traffic signs or road markings,
  • in a short-term parking zone without time restrictions,
  • in a pedestrian zone, during the time when a loading activity may be carried out,
  • in parking spaces for disabled persons

in handicappedparking spaces.

If you have a parking permit for people with disabilities, you do not have to pay parking fees in the city of Innsbruck.

The prerequisite is that you display the ID card in the motor vehicle behind the windshield in a clearly recognizable manner when parking and that you can show it when you stop.

With a parking permit for people with disabilities, you are not allowed to park everywhere without restrictions. For example, parking in loading zones, in fire zones or in entrances and exits is prohibited even with this parking permit.

Residents' parking permits

Under certain conditions, Innsbruck residents can apply for resident parking permits and use them to park their vehicles permanently in short-term parking zones or parking streets.

Under what conditions can I apply for a resident parking permit?

  • Your main residence is located in Innsbruck in a zone subject to parking fees (short term parking zone or parking street).
  • You have a personal interest in parking in the vicinity of your main residence (e.g. professional use, providing for your family)
  • You are a registered owner or lessee of a motor vehicle or use a company car privately.
  • There are no parking spaces available in the vicinity of your main residence or your vehicle is not eligible for them (gas-powered or too large for garage).
  • You do not have another permanent parking permit as a resident. A maximum of one motor vehicle is authorized.


You can park with your parking permit in the entire zone indicated on the resident parking permit. The parking permit is not a guarantee of a free parking space or a parking space near your residence.

You do not need a resident parking permit if you have a parking permit for people with disabilities and display it clearly behind your windshield.

What info & documents do I need to apply for a parking permit?

  • You will need to provide your car license plate number.
  • for leased cars, if the registration is not in your name: leasing contract
  • for existing private parking spaces: a confirmation from your landlord, property management company or the owner of your accommodation that there is no private parking space available in your vicinity.

5 steps to the resident parking card

  1. You apply for the parking card using this online form. Have all the required documents ready for this.
  2. You choose whether you want the parking card to be sent to you or whether you want to pick it up yourself at Bürgerservice. It can take up to 14 days for the parking card to be sent to you. You can get your resident parking permit more quickly if you pick it up at the Citizen Service Center.
  3. A link to your notice will be sent to your emaildresse.
    1. This link will take you to your electronic mailbox.
    2. If no electronic mailbox of the City of Innsbruck has been linked to you so far, one will be created automatically.
    3. In the electronic mailbox you can download the notice about the resident parking permit as a PDF.
    4. The notice will indicate which amount you have to transfer to which account.
    5. If you do not receive a notice, cannot access your electronic mailbox or have other problems with the online form, you can find support here.
  4. You will pay the amount indicated in the notice within two weeks.
    1. with online banking
    2. in cash, by ATM or credit card (MasterCard and Visa) with a copydruof the notice at the Citizen Service Center
  5. Depending on what you have selected in the online form, you will receive the parking card at home or after payment or presentation of the payment confirmation on your cell phone at the Bürgerservice.

The parking card is valid for a maximum of two years. It can also be applied for a shorter period. After expiry of the parking card, it must be applied for again with all the required documents. All requirements must be met again and will also be checked again.

Where can I find help with technical problems?

If you need help with the content of your application, you can contact the Parking Management Department. The application can also be submitted in person or by e-mail to the Parking Management Unit at the Citizens' Service Center.

Here you will find help if you have technical problems with the online application.

Cost of the resident parking card

  • Parking fee
    • in spa parking zones per month: 6,18 Euro
    • in green parking zones per month: 6,38 Euro
  • Application (only for short term parking zones):
    • Application fee: 14,30 Euro
    • per enclosure sheet: 3,90 Euro; max. 21,80 Euro
  • Administrative fee for long-term parking permit (only for short-term parking zones):
    • for a permit duration of up to one week: 10 Euro
    • for a permit duration of up to one month: 20,00 Euro
    • for a permit period of up to two years: 60,00 Euro

Example of authorization for two years in a short-term parking zone:

148,32 (24* 6,18 Euro parking fee)

+ 14,30 entry fee

+ 60,00 administrative fee

= 222,62 Euro

What if my car does not have an I license plate?

For resident parking, the main residence must be in Innsbruck. You can only have one main residence within Austria, another one abroad is not an obstacle. However, a person with main residence in Austria may use an imported vehicle without Austrian registration for a maximum of one month. At the latest then he/she must re-register it or prove that the permanent location is not in Austria (§ 82 para. 8 KFG).

Exceptions are only made for privately used, employer-owned (company) vehicles if the employer's registered office is located in another political district or in a neighboring country. Only then is a long-term parking permit without Innsbruck license plates possible.

Parking cards for professional parking

If you need a parking permit in the city of Innsbruck in order to be able to pursue your professional activity, it is best to contact the Parking Management Department by telephone. There you will be advised whether you are eligible for a parking card, what documents you need and what costs you will incur.

What are the basic requirements for professional parking?

  • Your activity takes place several times a week in an area with compulsory parking (short-term parking zone or parking street).
  • Without a long-term parking permit, this activity would be impossible or considerably more difficult (e.g. "rolling workshop").
  • In short-term parking zones, the activity lasts several times a week longer than the maximum permitted parking time.
  • You are also the registration owner or lessee of the motor vehicle in question.
  • In the vicinity of the place where the vehicle is to be parked, there is no parking possibility on private land or your vehicle is not eligible for it (too big for garage, built-in machines used for work).

In order to clarify whether there are any other requirements for you to apply for a parking permit, what costs you will incur and what documents you will need, please contact the Parking Management Department by phone.

Returning the parking card

If you no longer need your parking card, you can also return it and get back the parking fee you have already paid.

For the refund of the parking fee you must:

If you have lost your parking card or forgotten it in your car, which has already been sold, you must report the loss to the lost and found service or to the police and submit it with the form in the Service Unit Parking management.. or Service Unit Citizen service and lost property service.. or send it by mail.

Workshop parking card

If you are a resident parking card holder and your car needs to go to the workshop for a longer period of time, you can apply for a workshop card for a loaner car.

Under what conditions can I get a workshop parking card?

  • You must have a valid resident parking permit for your vehicle.
  • The loaner car must be provided to you by the garage where your car is being repaired.
  • The garage must provide you with confirmation from when to when your car will be in repair and that a loaner car will be provided to you for that time.

What documents & info are required?

  • Your original resident parking card.
  • The confirmation of the garage about the period of repair of your vehicle and the provision of a loaner car.
  • You must indicate the license plate number of the loaner car.

Don't forget to take your resident parking card from your vehicle.

What does a workshop parking card cost?

The cost of a workshop parking card is 14.30 euros entry fee and 15 euros administration fee, for a total of 29.30 euros. These costs are only incurred in the short-stay parking zone; there are no costs in the parking street.

Tip: It may be cheaper to park your loaner car in a public underground parking garage for the duration of the repair.

How do I get the workshop parking card?

  1. You bring the required documents to the Parking Management Department.
  2. Your original resident parking card will be deposited in the Parking Management Unit.
  3. You pay the fees for the workshop parking card.
  4. The unit will issue you a workshop card for the loaned vehicle for the duration of the repair. This parking card allows you to park your loaner vehicle in the specified zone for the specified period of time.
  5. After completion of the repair, you will return the workshop parking card to the Parking Management Unit and receive your deposited resident parking card back.

Last updated 01.10.2023