Leaving a religious community

If you want to leave your church, religious community or denomination, you can find the information here.

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How do I resign?


The registry office in which you reside is responsible for your resignation. You must therefore be registered in Innsbruck with your main place of residence in order to be able to resign from your legally recognized church, religious community or state-registered religious denomination at the registry office in Innsbruck.


You hand in this

What documents do I need to leave the company?

  1. Official photo ID
  2. Proof of membership in the religious community, for example by:
    1. Baptismal certificate
    2. Marriage certificate (if married, because of name change)
    3. Confirmation or confirmation certificate
    4. Contribution account number according to proof of payment or request for payment
    5. Other confirmation of membership from the religious community (e.g. a letter from the contribution office)
  3. Completed form for leaving the church

Further information can be found at österreich.gv.at.

How do I join a religious community?

To join a religious community, contact a representative of the church, religious community or denomination of your choice. The registry office is only responsible for resignations.

Who are my contacts?

If you have any questions, please contact the Service Unit Registry office and citizenship - Religious Exit