Residence registration

As soon as you move into an apartment in Innsbruck on a permanent basis, you must register your residence with the Innsbruck City Magistrate within three days.

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When you move into an apartment in Innsbruck for the first time, move within Austria or establish a secondary residence, you must register your residence with the City of Innsbruck. Some of these notifications can also be made online under certain conditions.

Who has to register?

Everyone who moves into accommodation in Innsbruck must register within three days of moving in. Each person in a household must register separately, this also applies to children.

What documents do I need for registration?

  • Registration form: completely filled out and signed by the accommodation provider
    • The religious confession section can also be filled in after the accommodation provider has signed the registration form. It can also be left blank.
    • You can fill in the ZMR number, if you know the number
  • original public documents showing the surname and first name, surname before first marriage, date of birth, place of birth and nationality of the accommodation provider (e.g. passport and birth certificate)
  • official photo identification in original (e.g. passport)

If you do not have Austrian citizenship, you must bring a valid travel document (passport or identity card) in the original.

Where can I register?

There are drei ways to register your main residence:

  1. In person in the Service Unit Registration and residents' affairs, passport matters - Registrations, deregistrations, registration confirmations or in the Service Unit Citizen service and lost property service - District Office Igls and Vill Please do not forget the required documents.
  2. By post or by messenger: To do this, you must send the original documents or notarized or court-certified copies of the documents together with the completed registration form to the Lade Service Unit Registration and residents' affairs, passport matters - Registrations, deregistrations, registration confirmations. The messenger does not need a power of attorney.
  3. Online: Requirements:
    1. ID-Austria
    2. Age of majority
    3. Austrian citizenship
    4. Current main residence in Austria

Please note:

  • Registration by e-mail is not possible for legal reasons.
  • The citymagistrat Innsbruck can deregister you from your previous main residence in Austria if you register a new main residence in Innsbruck.
  • You can register a secondary residence in person or by post (see above), but not online.

Do I have to register my newborn?

If your newborn was born in Austria and a registration form was filled out at the hospital, you can register your child at the same time as you report the birth at the registry office in Innsbruck. Then you do not have to register your newborn separately at the registration office.

I come from the EU, the EEA or Switzerland: Do I have to register?

Yes. The deadline of three days applies to the residence registration. In addition, if you are a Swiss, EU or EEA citizen and have been staying in Austria for longer than three months, you must have a registration certificate issued by the City of Innsbruck within four months of entry (§§ 51-53 Abs. 1 NAG).

If you fail to do so, you may be fined.

For the registration you also need a so-called documentation in addition to the residence registration (attention, the three-day deadline applies here).

How do I deregister from a residence?

If you register your main residence in another municipality within Austria, you will automatically be deregistered at your previous main residence address.

If you want to deregister a secondary residence or a main residence in Austria, you can do so in any Austrian municipality, including Innsbruck at Service Unit Registration and residents' affairs, passport matters - Registrations, deregistrations, registration confirmations.

Which documents do I need for deregistration?

  • Registration form: Fill out the form completely and leave the fields under "Registration" blank. You do not need the signature of your accommodation provider either.
  • official photo ID in original (e.g. passport)


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