Rent subsidy

Under certain conditions, rent assistance helps you pay your rent.

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What is the rent subsidy?

The rent subsidy supports citizens in paying their rent. If certain requirements are met, the rent subsidy can be applied for using the online form, by mail or in person at Service Unit Rent subsidy.. of the City of Innsbruck.

To do so, have the required documents ready and find out about frequent questions and answers. For students, pupils and apprentices there are particularities to consider.

Under what conditions do I receive rent subsidies?

  • You live in a privately financed apartment. For housing subsidized apartments, an application for housing subsidy can be submitted to the Office of the Tyrolean Provincial Government.
  • You live in a rented apartment (no single rooms).
  • You are the main tenant or tenant with equal rights in the apartment (no sublease).
  • You have the main residence in this apartment.
  • You are at least 18 years old.
  • Your main residence has been in Innsbruck continuously for at least two years prior to the application. This applies to EU citizens, Swiss citizens, refugees according to the Geneva Convention and holders of an asylum card according to §51a AsylG 2005. It is also possible if they can prove fifteen years of main residence (also not contiguous) in Innsbruck.
  • Regulation for non-EU citizens: Five years of continuous main residence in Tyrol, of which at least the last two years with main residence in Innsbruck

Which documents do I need?

You will need copies of these documents:

  • Rental contract - all pages (only for initial application, change of residence or new rental contract)
  • Confirmation of registration (only for initial application, change of apartment)
  • Current confirmation of rent (from the landlord or property manager) or rent advance notice
  • Current deposit slip/account statement of rent (+ operating costs)
  • Annual payslip of the previous calendar year (1.1. - 31.12.)
  • Information sheet on data protection
  • the last drei-four monthly payslips/current pension statement
  • for children over 15 years of age - school attendance certificate
  • for housewives/men - insurance data extract/co-insurance from ÖGK
  • for apprentices - apprenticeship contract and current pay slip

if applicable:

  • Notification of social allowance, weekly allowance/childcare allowance, unemployment benefit, sickness benefit, rehabilitation allowance, notification of family allowance (from the age of 18), notification/account statement of foreign pension payment
  • Maintenance or current alimony for children (account statement or decision)
  • Copy of the disability certificate
  • In case of the birth of a child, you must immediately submit the registration confirmation and the birth certificate of the child.

If you are a student, pupil or apprentice, please note the additional information and required documents for apprentices.

How much is the rent subsidy?

With the aid calculator of the province of Tyrol you can calculate the approximate amount of the aid in advance.

Where do I apply for rent subsidy?

You can apply for rent subsidy online using the online form, by mail or in person at Service Unit Rent subsidy of the City of Innsbruck. Please bring the completed application forms: Ansuchen Mietzinsbeihilfe, Rent Confirmation and the required documents.

Further questions and answers

When is the allowance paid?

The allowance is paid from the month following the application. If the application is submitted within the first drei working days, the allowance will be paid already in that month. The aid is always paid at the end of the month. Due to holidays and weekends, payment may be delayed by a maximum of two to drei days.

Will I receive a notice about the granting of the allowance?

Yes, you will receive a notice from the Office of the Tyrolean Provincial Government in the month of the first payment. This will state the amount and duration of the subsidy. Please make sure that your mailbox is labeled so that you can be sure to receive the notice. The average processing time is drei to four weeks.

How long will I receive the allowance?

The aid is generally granted for one year, after which you must submit a new application. If you reapply within drei months of the expiration date of the grant, the grant will be paid retroactively from the expiration date. If this period is exceeded, you will again receive the supplementary aid as of the month following the application, as was the case with the initial application. If the application is submitted within the first drei working days, the aid will be granted already in the current month.

Will I receive the allowance even if I move?

No. If you move, you must submit a new application.

Is the rent subsidy automatically discontinued if I give up my apartment/move/deregister?

No. If you give up your apartment or change your place of residence, you must immediately notify Service Unit Rent subsidy.. of the change. Failure to do so will result in recovery of the improperly received aid. Untruthful statements may also be subject to criminal penalties (social abuse).

Is the aid determined solely on the basis of actual income?

In principle, yes.

In the case of persons with very neverdrigem, in relation to the rent untrustworthy income, the guideline rate method is used. In this case, a fictitious income is determined. This is made up of the basic income plus the net rent (without operating costs) and is used for the granting of aid. If the actual income is still below this figure after taking the rent subsidy into account, you can apply to the social welfare office for further assistance.

When do I have to report changes in family and income circumstances?

Immediately after the changes occur. If these changes are discovered ex officio, this will lead to the discontinuation of the assistance. If information is obviously deliberately concealed, this may also lead to criminal consequences. Minor changes in the amount of rent will not be taken into account during the year, but only with the next follow-up application.

What rules apply to students, pupils and apprentices?

How does the allowance for apprentices differ from the allowance for employed persons and pensioners?

  • The allowance is flat-rate and amounts to 175 euros for one person, 245 euros for two persons and drei persons as a maximum 315 euros. The amount of rent does not matter.
  • As long as students or persons in training (school, apprenticeship) only pursue a sideline and the income is less than about 980 euros net per month, this is not taken into account. Apprenticeship compensation is not counted as income.
  • Parents' income is taken into account in the case of student benefits:
    • The monthly net income (annual twelfths) of the parents or the breadwinners may notexceed the amount of 1,995 eurosper parent or breadwinner or the total monthly net income (annual twelfths) of both parents or breadwinners of 3,990 euros.
    • In case of proven absence of a second breadwinner, the monthly net income (annual twelfth) may not exceed 2,850 euros .
    • The income limit is increased by 245 euros each for siblings until the student reaches the age of 25.

Does it not matter who from the residential community (WG) submits the application?

No, the applicant must be the main tenant or at least an equal tenant of the apartment. (no sublease/no room rental contract).

What documents do I need as a trainee for the application?

You will need copies of these documents:

  • Tenancy agreement - all pages (only for initial application, change of apartment, or new tenancy agreement)
  • Residence registration form (only for initial application, change of residence)
  • current study sheet
  • Information sheet on data protection
  • Confirmation of rent (from landlord or property manager) or rental advance notice
  • Payment slip/account statement of the total rent (+ operating costs)
  • Annual payslip/income tax statement of both parents of the applicant (of the previous calendar year 1.1. to 31.12.) + one current monthly payslip each + declaration for students
  • Proof of income of the parents of the other roommates by written declaration(declaration for students)

if applicable:

  • Wage slip about employment, holiday work, etc.
  • Letter of scholarship
  • Orphan's pension

You must report changes of roommates immediately. You must submit the registration form, the current study sheet and the proof of income of the parents of the new roommate(s).

The listed documents must be submitted by all residents of the WG.

You can apply for rent subsidy using the online form or in person at Service Unit Rent subsidy of the City of Innsbruck.

How is a student flat-sharing community (WG) defined?

  • A student flat-sharing community is defined as a rented apartment with a rental contract for the entire apartment (no single-room rental contracts) that is exclusively occupied by students, adult pupils and apprentices.
  • A mixed WG, in which also employed persons live, does not receive as a rule an allowance. In such a case, all incomes, including those from secondary activities, would have to be added together. In most cases, the total income is too high.
  • If a student of the shared apartment finishes his/her studies and becomes gainfully employed, the allowance can still be granted until the end of the one-year term, reduced by this one person.

Can students go abroad for a short period of time without losing their aid?

A student's stay abroad for a maximum of six months (Semester-Erasmus) does not interrupt the granting of aid. The person concerned must remain registered at the aid address with main residence.

Do all students have to have their main residence in Innsbruck?

No, only the applicant must have it. However, students with a secondary residence do not receive aid.

Who do I contact if I have further questions?

If you have any further questions, please contact the Service Unit Rent subsidy. Under the link you will also find the office hours for telephone accessibility and party hours.

Please bring the completed application forms: Application for rent subsidy, rent confirmation and the required documents.

Applications for rent subsidies can be submitted by mail, in person or online. An ID Austria signature is required for the application.