Checklist registration, re-registration & deregistration

Are you new to the city of Innsbruck or are you moving to the most beautiful city in the Alps soon? So that you don't forget anything, we have a checklist for you!

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Congratulations! You are moving to Innsbruck, to the most beautiful city in the Alps! So that you do not forget anything in your old accommodation, on the way to Innsbruck and in the new apartment, we have a checklist for you! We try to think of everything, but make no claim to completeness.

Other important offices

  • Vehicle registration offices
  • innsbruck Municipal Services(IKB)

In the old apartment:

  • Termination of the old lease (pay attention to deadlines)
  • Deregister district heating/gas and electricity (in Innsbruck at IKB):
    • Read meter readings:
      • Gas
      • Electricity
      • Water
      • Heating
  • Cancel standing orders for:
    • Rent
    • Electricity
    • Gas/district heating
    • Alarm system
    • Burner service
    • Chimney sweep
    • Caretaker
    • Property management
  • Request final rent statement
  • Telephone and Internet deregistration
  • Deregister radio and television (GIS)
  • Deregister cable connection
  • Garbage collection or waste disposal
  • If necessary, request bulky waste disposal options
  • If necessary, clarify the transfer fee with the new tenant and have the transfer of furnishings confirmed in writing
  • If necessary, plan and coordinate renovation work in the old apartment
  • Returnresident parking card.
  • Plan new apartment, possibly order new furniture (sometimes long delivery times)
  • Deregister dog
  • Car deregistration:
    • Type certificate incl. registration certificate part II
    • Registration certificate
    • Car power of attorney (possibly)
  • Insurance: Report the data of the new apartment to your household insurance in time (at the latest when you re-register)!

The move

  • Set moving date
  • Arrange moving days at the workplace
  • Notify the employer of special leave
  • Inform household insurance in good time about the upcoming move (as a rule, insurance coverage also applies to the move)
  • Arrange a date for handing over the apartment (handover protocol)
  • Pick up the keys for the new apartment (if not already done, have the landlord sign the registration form.
  • Document the condition of the apartment: (create a handover report on the condition or damage of the new apartment, with photos and handover report!)
  • Possibly obtain permission to drive in the pedestrian zone in Innsbruck
  • Possibly obtain permit for a loading activity:
    • where there is little parking space available
    • in a no stopping zone
    • exists in a loading zone at times other than those required
    • in a pedestrian zone
    • where there are driving bans
  • If moving with moving company:
    • Obtain quotes from moving companies and compare prices
    • Arrange a visit with selected companies
    • Obtain a written estimate
    • Arrange who will bring boxes / crates
    • Arrange furniture dismantling & assembly
    • Arrange disposal of bulky waste
    • Create handover protocol with forwarding agent
    • Draw up a written contract about the agreements
  • If necessary, collect all moving receipts for tax deductibility (e.g., invoices from the moving company, receipts for gasoline costs, costs for packing materials and tools, renovation costs, real estate agent fees, etc.)
  • Possibly rent temporary storage space
  • Prepare trash bags and cleaning supplies
  • Make copies of important documents (helpful for loss): IDs, certificates, passbooks, contracts, etc.
  • Remove existing name tags
  • If moving by yourself:
    • Supply box with drinks, snacks, kitchen roll, toilet paper, etc.
    • Search for helpers
    • Moving boxes
    • Packing material:
      • Newspapers
      • Bubble wrap
      • Adhesive tape
      • thick pen
      • Transport sled
      • Work gloves
    • Organize transport vehicle

In the new apartment

Last updated 04.10.2023