In Innsbruck there are municipal and private cemeteries. Only the municipal cemeteries are also looked after by the Department of Cemeteries of the City of Innsbruck.

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Which municipal cemeteries are there?

The City of Innsbruck is responsible for the administration of the municipal cemeteries. Contact details can be found at the respective cemetery.

When are the cemeteries open?

November till February7.30-17.00
April till September7.30-19.00

Opening hours on special holidays

All Saints' Day7.30-18.00
All Souls' Day7.30-18.00
Christmas Eve7.30-19.00
New Year's Eve7.30-17.00

How can I find the grave of a deceased person in a municipal cemetery?

There is a deceased person search (grave search) for the municipal cemeteries. You enter the name of the deceased and the grave is displayed on a map.

What are the non-urban cemeteries?

Old military cemeteryAnzengruber StreetCastle and palace governorate Tyrol
Mariahilf National CemeteryKaspar-Weyer-StrasseProvincial property administration, Landhaus
Cemetery WiltenPastorstrasseWilten Monastery
Church cemetery WiltenPastorstraßeParish Office Wilten
Church cemetery St. NikolausSchmelzergasseBurial C. Müller
Church cemetery Hötting oldSchulgasse/ Quarry StreetBurial C. Müller
Church cemetery Hötting newSchulgasseBurial C. Müller
Church cemetery MühlauCastle fieldRectory Mühlau
Church cemetery IglsHilberstrasseParish office Igls-Vill
Church cemetery VillVillage streetParish office Igls-Vill
Amras military cemeteryWiesengasse/ Amraser StreetBlack Cross Tyrol
National memorial TummelplatzTummelplatzAssociation


Opening hours

Monday to Friday:

Monday to Thursday:
8.00-12.00 and 14.00-16.00