Learn about the requirements for fishing and everything about the fishing exam here.

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What is regulated by the Fisheries Act in Tyrol?

The Fisheries Act defines the fishing grounds, fisheries protection (appointment of fisheries supervisors), the Tyrolean Fisheries Association and the obtaining of fishing permits.

What requirements do I need to be allowed to fish?

To be allowed to fish in Tyrol, you need a valid Tyrolean fishing card. Fishing ponds are exempt from this regulation. The Tyrolean fishing card serves as proof of fishing qualification and is valid for the whole of Tyrol.

Where can I get the fishing card?

  • The initial issuance is done by the respective district administrative authority in whose district you have your main residence. In Innsbruck, this is the Referat Grundverkehr
  • The renewal of the fishing card is done by paying the membership fee to the Tyrolean Fishing Association in due time (by April 30).
  • Fishing cards may only be issued to persons who have reached the age of 14 and have passed the fishing examination.

Where can I take the fishing exam?

The Tyrolean Fishing Association offers preparation courses for the fishing exam as needed. In these courses, the successful skills and knowledge for taking the fishing exam are taught.

Which proofs are considered as "professional qualification"?

  • a certificate of successful completion of the fishery examination (§ 17) or fishery supervision examination (§ 42)
  • a certificate of the fishing examination passed with success in another country
  • a certificate of training successfully completed and recognized as equivalent according to § 17 par. 10 or § 42 par. 12 lit. a
  • a certificate of successful completion of the examination for skilled worker or master craftsman in fisheries management according to § 7 par. 4 lit. i of the Tyrolean Agricultural and Forestry Vocational Training Act 2000
  • a valid fishing license of another country
  • an expired Tyrolean fishing license that has not been renewed in time (§ 15 par. 2)
  • Documents showing that the applicant is in possession of an authorization to fish from another state
  • a certificate of the examination taken in another country or state, which has been recognized as equivalent according to § 42 par. 12 lit. b