To hunt you need both a passed hunting exam and a hunting card. Here you can get info about cards, courses and exams.

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What is regulated by the Hunting Act?

The Tyrolean Hunting Act regulates hunting grounds and hunting practice, hunting leases as well as the protection of hunting (appointment of hunting protection bodies), the shooting plan and the obtaining of the Tyrolean Hunting Card.

Hunting card & hunting guest card

Why do I need a hunting card?

Anyone who practices hunting in Tyrol must, in addition to a permit issued by the respective person authorized to hunt, carry a valid Tyrolean hunting card in his/her name or a hunting guest card valid for the respective hunting area.

Which requirements & documents do I need for the first issue of the hunting card (§ 28 TJG)?

  • completed 18th year of age
  • hunting aptitude by:
    • Presentation of the certificate of the hunting examination in Austria
    • a hunting card valid in the previous year, which was not renewed in time
    • Documents of an EU or EEA member state, Switzerland, Ireland or Great Britain, which prove that an equivalent hunting license is available
    • etc. (see § 28 Tyrolean Hunting Act)
  • Proof of basic knowledge of first aid
  • Proof of sufficient liability insurance
  • Photo
  • Costs of 153,31 Euro (103,31 Euro for membership fee & hunting liability insurance as well as 50 Euro administrative fee)

Where can I get the hunting card?

The hunting card is issued by the district administrative authority where the applicant has his/her main residence. If the applicant does not have his/her main residence in Tyrol, the district administrative authority in whose area the person wishes to hunt is responsible for issuing the hunting permit.

Who issues the hunting guest card?

The hunting guest card is issued by the person authorized to hunt or by the hunting guide.

Hunting course & hunting exam

when do hunting courses take place?

Hunting courses are held once a year for the district of Innsbruck by the Tyrolean Hunters' Association. Course costs and documents are prescribed or provided by the hunters' association.

What requirements & documents do I need to take the hunting exam?

In Innsbruck, you must submit the following in writing to the Referat Grundverkehr Use:

  • Application form
  • Birth certificate
  • Confirmation of participation in a training course of the Tyrolean Hunters' Association according to § 4 Tyrolean Hunting Law
  • Indication whether it is a first-time entry

Last updated 04.10.2023