Consulting & Responsibilities

You want to build or renovate? Find the right places for your request here.

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First points of contact

There are two first points of contact if you want to construct, convert or renovate a building in Innsbruck:

General advice on building submissions

When you have completed your documents to the point where you can submit them, you can ask the City Adminstrative Group MA III - Planning, Building Law and Technical Infrastructure Management - Coordination office for building applications and guest gardens.. to check whether any documents or information are missing from your submission.

Questions on specific topics

If you have more specific questions about particular subject areas, please contact the relevant office directly:

Office for Urban Planning, Urban Development and Integration

Building and fire police

  • Mechanical strength and stability (statics) of structures
  • Fire protection
  • Hygiene, health and environmental protection
  • Safety of use and accessibility
  • Energy saving and thermal insulation
  • Sound insulation in residential buildings, dormitories, office buildings, accommodation facilities, schools, kindergartens, hospitals, buildings for religious purposes, etc.
  • Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) or U-value: The table overview on overall energy efficiency and requirement of an EPC of the state shows when an EPC is required and which energetic parameters must be met
  • Use of highly efficient alternative heating systems in new buildings
  • Requirements for event venues

Building Law Department

  • legal questions concerning building law
  • legal questions concerning regional planning

Water and Plant Law Unit

  • Enforcement of water law
  • Permit for land drainage (infiltration of precipitation water)
  • Permit for groundwater use
  • Permit for construction water retention
  • Permit for installations in the bank or flood runoff area
  • Permit for flood protection measures
  • Remediation procedures under water law

Building and Housing Register Unit (AGWR)

  • Questions about the AGWR II form for the new construction of a building.

Commercial and industrial facilities unit

  • Permits for the construction and operation of commercial facilities and modification permits
  • Neighborhood complaints due to a business facility
  • Prescription of subsequent or additional conditions
  • Order for the submission of remediation concepts pursuant to Section 79 (3) of the Trade, Commerce and Industry Regulation Act (GewO)
  • IPPC approval and modification procedures
  • Approval of a deviation according to § 82 Abs. 1 GewO
  • Approval of a reduction plan
  • Abandonment of business facilities
  • Determination procedure-Approval requirement
  • Enforcement measures & co-enforcement of federal regulations
  • Monitoring & periodic inspection of establishments
  • Preparation of expert reports
  • Carrying out environmental inspections
  • Reporting obligations

Civil Engineering Office

Office of municipal taxes

Land Transfer

  • Notifications according to the Tyrolean Land Transactions Act or applications according to the Tyrolean Courtyard Act
  • Confirmations of zoning for the land register for developed building plots (without the establishment of condominiums) within the meaning of § 32 para. 1 lit. c Z 1 TGVG for legal transactions concluded before September 1 , 2022.