Contracts with the city of Innsbruck

If you want to use municipal land, you need a contract with the city of Innsbruck. The department of real estate affairs is responsible for this.

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Who is the first point of contact for the use of municipal land?

The Real Estate Department is the first point of contact for negotiating, preparing and concluding real estate-related contracts, such as leases, rental agreements, loan agreements, easement agreements and precariums, concerning municipal real estate.

What contracts can I enter into with the City of Innsbruck?

The acquisition and disposal of real estate is carried out by negotiating, preparing and concluding contracts under civil law, such as purchase, exchange and donation contracts.

How do I get a contract with the city of Innsbruck?

4 steps to the contract with the city of Innsbruck:

  1. You make a written request (by mail) to the Service Unit Real Estate Matters. , to which you enclose all necessary documents. The required documents can be found in the information sheets.
  2. The Real Estate Department will review your request, coordinate with the relevant departments and submit an offer to conclude a contract.
  3. If you accept the offer, the department will draw up a contract which will be submitted to the City Senate or the Municipal Council for decision.
  4. The City Senate or Municipal Council grants or rejects the granting of rights on the city land. You will be informed about it.

What legal grants can be made?

  • Leasing and renting of land plots and parts thereof
  • agricultural leases
  • Granting of building rights
  • Securing of building pits
  • Guest garden contracts
  • Granting of rights of use on public roads, paths and squares for pipelines, installations and superstructures, etc.
  • other grants of rights

How much does the granting of rights by the City of Innsbruck cost?

The costs for the use of the municipal land are broken down in the fee catalog.