Zoning plan & development plan

Building on the ÖROKO 2.0, the zoning plan and the development plan regulate the specific uses of land or construction projects.

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Zoning plan

What is the zoning plan?

The zoning plan (FWP) is based on the ÖROKO 2.0 and regulates the specific intended use of each individual parcel, i.e. the type of use of all areas in Innsbruck and thus defines the spatial-functional structure of the municipal area. A distinction is essentially made between the following zoning categories:

  • Open land
  • Building land
  • Reserved areas
  • Special areas

The zoning plan of the City of Innsbruck can be accessed digitally in the Tyrolean Spatial Information System at the following link: www.innsbruck.gv.at/tiris-fwp-ibk

The legally valid versiondruck of the zoning plan no. IBK-F2.0, including a comprehensive legend and a summarized explanation of the environmental considerations, can be viewed in the Service Unit Construction consulting and expert opinions..

Zoning confirmation

Development plan

What is the development plan?

The development plan (BBP) is based on the zoning plan and determines how the building land may be developed and built on. It is the planning instrument for the regulation and comprehensible design of building projects. In some cases, this leads to a detailed definition of building complexes and individual structures.

In principle, the following specifications can be found in the development plan:

  • Street course
  • Building lines
  • Building method
  • Building density
  • Building height

How can I view legally binding land-use plans?

The zoning plan of the city of Innsbruck is composed of various individual plans , which are not available digitally and are described in the Service Unit Construction consulting and expert opinionscan be viewed.


Can I obtain an amendment to the plans?

In principle, there is no right to change the zoning plan or the development plan.

Spatial planning is always based on a coherent overall concept. If you still wish to apply for an amendment, the first step is to obtain planning advice from City Department Urban planning, mobility and integration.

Where can I view current changes to the plans?

Current changes to the zoning plan or the development plan can be seen on the official notice board.