Working on & off the road

Road surfaces are required for most construction work. For this you need permits.

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Do I need a permit for work on/next to the road

  • As a rule, road surfaces are required or impaired during construction work. Therefore, in most cases you need a traffic permit according to § 90 of the Road Traffic Act even before the start of the construction work.
  • According to your permit, necessary traffic measures such as stopping bans, detour, etc. must then be arranged before the planned start of the work.
  • The traffic authority responsible for the permit is the Service Unit Road traffic and road responsible.
  • The respective construction company is responsible for setting up the traffic signs.

  • If your construction site exclusively concerns parking spaces, i.e. so-called stationary traffic, the Service Unit Road Administration.. is responsible.
  • For the mere parking of a vehicle with tools or material (paint, ladder, etc.), you can find more information under professional parking.
  • If you are using municipal land for your construction project, you may need to obtain permission under civil law from the Real Estate Department.

The Service Unit Road traffic and road law.. has up to six months to complete the procedure once the documents have been submitted in full (see Deadlines for traffic law approval). Your construction company must therefore apply for the traffic law permit in good time so that there is no delay in the start of construction.

Application: How do I get permission under traffic law?

What are the deadlines for the traffic permit?

You need the traffic law permit before the start of construction.

The Road Traffic and Road Law Department, as the authority, has after complete submission of the documents:

  • if no negotiation is necessary: three months time
  • if a traffic negotiation is necessary: six months time

to complete the procedure.

Rule of thumb: the greater the traffic disruption and the longer the work takes, the more lead time is needed.

Your construction company must apply for the traffic permit in time to avoid delaying the start of construction.

Supplementary information on §90 StVO applications or traffic permits can be found under the point traffic guidance.

Do I need any other permits?

If your building project requires municipal land (access to the property, excavation work, etc.), you will also need a civil law permit in addition to the traffic law permits - i.e. a contract with the Service Unit Real Estate Matters.. of the city of Innsbruck. Please submit these applications in good time, as other departments will have to give their opinion. You can find more information about civil law permits under Contracts with the City of Innsbruck.