Winter service on sidewalks & roof avalanches

If you own a property, you must clear or grit surrounding sidewalks or street sections and protect them from roof avalanches.

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Cleaning and gritting footpaths

If you are the owner of a property that is close to a traffic area, you are obliged to clear and grit the sidewalks(§ 93 StVO)

From 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., you must ensure that all sidewalks and footpaths directly adjacent to the property boundary are cleared.

Neglect of the listed duties will result in an administrative penalty. In the event of damage, neglect may also lead to civil and criminal consequences.

Are there any exceptions?

If your property is located in the area of the municipal"core care", the municipal winter service can take over the care of the areas against payment of the sidewalk cleaning fee. For this you have to sign a contract with the city of Innsbruck. You can find more information about this in the Service Unit Municipal taxes - assessment - Property tax.

It may be that the winter service also clears your sidewalk on a case-by-case basis, although you are not in the area of core care. This is a non-binding service provided by the Road Maintenance Department. It does not constitute a legal claim nor can a conclusive assumption of the clearing and gritting obligation by the municipality of Innsbruck be derived from it. The legal obligation to clear and grit and the associated liability under civil law remains exclusively with the residents or landowners.

Properties that are not built on and are used for agricultural or forestry purposes are not subject to the obligation to litter and clean.

Who can I contact if the path is not sufficiently cleared?

If you as a pedestrian feel endangered or hindered by a lack of winter road clearance, please contact the City Department Road operation.. during office hours. and outside office hours please contact the nearest police inspection or the Mobile Monitoring Group.

Duty to protect against roof avalanches & icicles

Property owners must ensure that snow cornices and ice formations are removed from roofs located along the street.

During this work, road users must not be endangered or obstructed. Endangered road sections are to be marked or cordoned off.

Neglect of the listed duties may result in criminal and civil court convictions in addition to administrative penalties if an accident occurs.