Innsbruck Design Advisory Board (IGB)

The Innsbruck Design Advisory Board ensures the urban planning and architectural quality of major construction projects.

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What is the function of the Design Advisory Board?

The Innsbruck Design Advisory Board (IGB) assesses projects with regard to architecture, urban design, urban planning and urban development. This is intended to create a more intensive and better understanding of these issues among all users and those involved in planning or construction.

This applies to the entire urban area, in all relevant areas of construction, the maintenance and renewal of the building stock and the design of public space, including green spaces, sports and open spaces and traffic facilities.

As an independent body of experts, the IGB also supports and advises political decision-makers and those responsible for urban planning. The focus of the work is on living together as an urban society, the development of the common living space and the associated quality of life.

When is the design advisory board consulted?

The IGB is consulted when the building volume exceeds 5,000 m³ or 10,000 m³ in commercial and industrial areas, or when building projects are of particular importance for the cityscape and townscape due to their location or view.

Cases when the IGB can be consulted:

  • Assessment of building projects
  • Project-related changes of development and/or zoning plans
  • Projects of the city of Innsbruck and participating corporations
  • Competitions
  • Special questions concerning urban development and urban design

Who is part of the Design Advisory Board?

The Innsbruck Design Advisory Board is a team of experts with special knowledge in the fields of architecture, urban design and landscape planning.

The four members are appointed by the city council after consultation with the Chamber of Architects and Engineering Consultants for Tyrol and Vorarlberg.

The term of office of the members and substitute members of the IGB is at least two and at most five years.

Current composition

The Innsbruck Design Advisory Board currently consists of the following members:

  • Chair: Arch. Ing. Bernd Vlay (architect, Vienna)
  • Deputy: Dipl. Ing. (univ.) Marie-Theres Okresek (landscape planner, Vienna)
  • Dipl. Arch. Kornelia Gysel (architect, Zurich)
  • Arch. DI Josef Fink (architect, Bregenz)

Substitute members of the Innsbruck design advisory board:

  • Dipl.-Ing. Heike Langenbach (landscape planner, Vienna)
  • Dipl. Arch. Daniele Marques (architect, Lucerne/CH)
  • Dipl. Arch. Dieter Jüngling (architect, Chur)
  • Arch. Mag.arch Andreas Cukrowicz (architect, Bregenz)

Design advisory board members 2023

The picture shows the current members (from left): Josef Fink, Kornelia Gysel, Marie-Theres Okresek and Bernd Vlay (Chairman).© A. Steinacker

When & how do I submit a project to the Design Advisory Board?

To submit a project you must,

Which documents are required?

  • Project Submission Form Design Advisory Committee:
    • Detailed analysis (urban environment, existing buildings, project)
    • Description of the design (building structure, height development, facades, openings, materiality, outdoor facilities)
    • In case of resubmission, please describe the changes to the preliminary project.
  • As-built photos
  • Plan Documents:
    • All plan documents necessary for an architectural/urban planning assessment
      • Black plan of the project with surroundings
      • Site plan incl. green space/open space design with relevant tree population
      • All floor plans, elevations, sections (including adjacent buildings/surroundings)
    • a digital set of plans in pdf format in as few individual files as possible
    • two sets of plans in paper and unbound:
      • two plan folders with page numbers and date
      • not bound
      • Din A4 - A3; if formats larger than A3 please folded, not rolled.
      • if an optional presentation on photo paper is desired, please submit this in addition to the two folded plan folders (on plain paper)
    • For resubmissions, please select the plan presentation in as comparable a form as possible to the previous submission to the Design Advisory Board.
  • Building Mass Model:
    • Project with urban planning relevant surroundings
    • Scale = 1:500