If you interfere with traffic with your vehicle, your vehicle may have to be towed away. You will have to pay a fee for this. This is independent of any fines.

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Who can initiate towing?

You can only initiate an official towing according to § 89a StVO via road supervision bodies (e.g. police or mobile surveillance group).

Towing from private property (i.e. not official towing) can be ordered privately and falls under civil law.

Your vehicle has been towed?

If you suspect that your vehicle has been towed (removed via official authority), please contact the nearest police station.

Towing charges must be paid directly when you pick up your vehicle. If you refuse to pay, you will be sent a notice imposing the costs. In this case, the towing company may not refuse to hand over the vehicle.

How much does towing cost?

A fee must be paid for towing. This is independent of fines.

Distance tariff

  • Towing trip:
    • single-track vehicles: 216 Euro
    • multi-lane vehicles: 240 Euro

Custody tariff

  • Custody until 24.00 hours of the first day following the removal:
    • single-track vehicles: 12 Euro
    • multi-lane vehicles: 14,40 Euro
  • Custody thereafter from the second following day or part thereof:
    • single-track vehicles: 6 Euro per day
    • multi-track vehicles: 7,20 Euro per day
  • Custody from the eighth following day or part thereof:
    • single-track vehicles: 3 Euro per day
    • multi-lane vehicles: 3,60 Euro per day

Where is the reimbursement of costs for towing regulated?

  • For provincial roads in the ordinance of the provincial government on the setting of rates for towing and custody of vehicles in the provincial capital Innsbruck, LGBl. No. 2/1993.
  • For roads other than federal and provincial roads in the ordinance of the municipal council, municipal council resolution of 25. 2. 2010, Zl. II-SV-00354e/2009, see Innsbruck city law.
  • This tariff applies only to towing initiated by the authorities.