FAQs & Troubleshooting

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about city apartments.

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How long is the waiting time for a city apartment?

This depends on many factors and unfortunately cannot be answered in a general way.

Is there emergency housing?


Can I apply for a specific apartment?


Can I choose a new building or an old building apartment?


Are wishes taken into account?

The Service Unit Housing Allocation.. tries as best it can to take wishes into account. However, not all wishes can be fulfilled. What the unit adheres to in any case are medical necessities.

There are deficiencies in my municipal apartment - who do I turn to?

Mold is forming in my apartment, what can I do?

Here you will find tips on proper ventilation and heating, to prevent mold: Proper heating and ventilation (AK)

Otherwise, contact your property management.

I have problems with neighbors or the house community - who do I turn to?

I can no longer afford the rent for my city apartment - what can I do?