Rent city apartment

Who is eligible for a rental apartment from the city of Innsbruck, how are apartments allocated and where are applications submitted?

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The municipal and non-profit offer comprises around 17,000 apartments. Since these apartments are in high demand, there is a ranking that decides the allocation of the apartments. You can find more about requirements, income limits, housing needs, application, required documents, size of the offered apartment and apartment exchange on this page.

Who can apply for a subsidized rental apartment of the city of Innsbruck?

  • Citizenship:
  • Primary residence: you are at the time of application
    • with main residence in Innsbruck for the last five years without interruption or
    • previously residing with main residence in Innsbruck for a total of 15 years or
    • continuously employed in the municipal area of Innsbruck for six years.
    • If you have spent a longer period of time in the provincial hospital in Hall, Natters or Hochzirl or in an assisted living facility, this time will be credited to you under certain conditions.
  • Age: You are at least 18 years old at the time of application, except:
    • You are a minor parent, then you can be pre-registered before the age of 18, or a minor married couple.
  • Income: Your income must not be too high(income table)
  • Housing Need: You must have a housing need.

Important! You will only be earmarked for one year and must notify any changes within four weeks.

You must renew the application each year, even if there have been no changes. The Service Unit Housing Allocation.. explicitly points this out when you submit your application. If you do not renew the application in time or if you do not announce changes, the application will be closed and you can only be preregistered again after one year.

What is the maximum amount of my income?

Number of personsUpper limit net in the annual twelfth
13.600 euro
26.000 Euro
36.450 euro
for each additional person+ 450 euros

When is there a housing need?

There are several reasons for a housing need

You have a housing need if each person in your current apartment has less than 15 m² of net usable living space. The net usable living space is the pure living space of your dwelling without anteroom, bathroom and kitchen. The living space is remeasured by the Service Unit Housing Allocation...

In addition, a housing need exists if the following applies to you:

Number of personscurrent apartment size
1 person with recognized additional needs (medical necessity, joint custody/visitation rights arrangement and persons aged 60 and over)1 room
2 person household1 room or less than 30 m² net living space
Single parent with one child1 room
Single parent with one child and passage room or maximum 30 m² net floor space2 rooms
3 person householdless than 3 rooms or less than 45m² net living area
4 person household with 2 childrenLess than 3 or 4 rooms, depending on conditions
From 5 person householdless than 4 rooms

You can also be preregistered if

  • Your apartment is no longer suitable for you due to a disability (e.g. wheelchair user), serious illness or frailty due to age.
  • the building police finds construction defects in your apartment that prohibit its use.
  • You live in a substandard apartment (category D, without bathroom/WC).
  • You are homeless.
  • You do not have a main rental contract.
  • You have to pay more than 40 percent of your net income in the twelfth of the year (incl. rent subsidy) for your gross rent. This percentage is reduced by three percent per child.

How do I apply for a city apartment?

The application for a rental apartment of the city of Innsbruck can be made within the party hours in the Service Unit Housing Allocation.. submit.

5 steps to the municipal rental apartment

  1. You take all the necessary documents and the completed questionnaire with you and apply in person during party opening hours at Service Unit Housing Allocation.. for a municipal rental apartment.
  2. If you ask by phone or by mail, provide your ID number, full name, address and date of birth.
  3. Note: If one year passes from the date of your application, you must renew the application.
  4. If it is your turn according to the waiting list and there is an apartment for your requirements, you will receive an apartment proposal - you can accept or reject it.
  5. If you reject it, you will receive another proposal. If you reject this one as well, you will be removed from the reservation. If you meet the requirements again, you can submit a new proposal after one year. If you reject again, there are longer lock-up periods.

Required documents

Original & copy documents of all persons involved

  • Passport
  • Birth certificates - alternatively asylum decision
  • residence permit, if applicable
  • if applicable, confirmation from the health office (original only)

Documents in copy of all family members - if applicable

  • Proof of income:
    • Annual payslip of the previous year (tax office)
    • last 3 monthly payslips (in case of change of company) (available at your company)
    • Salary confirmation-net (in case of new entry) (available from your company)
    • in case of self-employment - proof of own withdrawal (confirmation of tax advisor)
    • Co-insurance confirmation (your health insurance company, e.g. ÖGK)
    • Pension statement (pension insurance)
    • Nursing allowance notification (according to pension notification)
    • Minimum income (social security office)
    • Unemployment benefit or unemployment assistance (AMS)
    • Weekly allowance (your health insurance, e.g. ÖGK)
    • Childcare allowance (your health insurance fund, e.g. ÖGK)
    • Apprenticeship compensation (your employer)
    • Sickness/rehabilitation allowance (your health insurance fund, e.g. ÖGK)
    • Maintenance or alimony payments (court order or bank statements in case of a written agreement between the parents)
    • Rent or housing subsidy (province of Tyrol)
    • Documents on all other income such as scholarships (university)
    • Military pay
    • Declaration of support from parents, etc.
  • Apprenticeship contract
  • Confirmation of studies/attendance at school for children above the 9th school level
  • Marriage certificate
  • Divorce decree or proof of divorce filed in court
  • in case of pregnancy, mother-child passport (the page with the date of birth (page 13)) or medical confirmation of pregnancy (your gynecologist)
  • Declaration of paternity, custody order, visitation order
  • Rental agreement
  • Confirmation of payment of rent from the previous month
  • in case of apartment exchange: statement of rent account issued by the property management company
  • Persons in the parental household: rental contract or extract from the land register of the parents
  • Waiver of rental rights for municipal. Apartments
  • if applicable, court notice of termination, eviction settlement
  • ÖGK insurance data extract on employment in Innsbruck (only if you do not have a main residence in Innsbruck and have been employed in Innsbruck for six years without interruption)
  • if you are applying through a third party: signed power of attorney with a copy of your ID card
  • Death certificate (for widowed persons)

How are the apartments awarded?

The apartments are awarded according to a points system. Apartments are awarded according to:

  • Family size
  • current apartment size
  • Income
  • health requirements, if any
  • Ranking on the waiting list

The longer you have been waiting for an apartment, the more points you have already collected. Attention: Do not forget to renew your application one year after submitting it! Otherwise, your application will be closed and you will not be able to get back on the waiting list until one year later, if the requirements are met.

If you are offered an apartment, you can reject it once. If you also reject the second apartment offered to you, you can be placed on the waiting list again after one year if you meet the requirements. If you then refuse again, there are longer lock-up periods.

What is the size of the apartment I will get?

The apartment size depends on the number of people who will live in the apartment.

Number of personsApartment size
1 personSingle apartment
1 person with recognized additional needs (medical necessity, joint custody/visitation rights arrangement and persons aged 60 and over)2 rooms
2 person household2 rooms
Single parent with one child2 rooms
3 person household3 rooms
4 person household with 2 children3 rooms
4 person household with 2 children with at least 5 years age difference or children of different sexes4 rooms
From 5 person household4 rooms

Can I exchange my municipal rental apartment?

  • You cannot exchange the apartment without a reason.
  • If there is a housing need, you can exchange the apartment after five years.
  • If there is a change in family circumstances or a sustained deterioration in health, you can exchange the apartment after only two years.
  • If you exchange your municipal apartment for a smaller one, this will be taken into account in the registration.