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 The Innsbruck Municipal Archives contain documents relating to Innsbruck’s history from the beginnings up to today. You can use the archives to obtain information on the city’s history and consult sources and publications relating to all fields of history including its social and economic history, and the history of its buildings, suburbs, businesses and tourism. The municipal administration’s historical files, protocols and reference works are available for you to consult except where legal restrictions, such as data protection requirements, apply.
The oldest document in the collection is the 1239 ratification of the city charter. The archives also house paintings, prints, posters, leaflets, plans, legacies of leading public figures, decrees and numerous dedicated collections. They also have a particularly significant collection of about 100,000 photographs, most of which are now available in digitised form.
A number of other items, including the poster collection, have also been digitised and can be downloaded from our database. There are computers in the reading room, which visitors can use free of charge for this purpose.
The library contains not only books but also several hundred magazines and journals and all the main regional newspapers, some of them going back to the 18th century. All the newspapers can be made available for inspection within just a few minutes.
The reading room is provided with all the modern aids and connections required for efficient and undisturbed working. That includes the equipment needed to copy and send digital media, but please note that conservational and legal restrictions may apply. Please contact a member of staff if you have any such requirements.
In addition to an extensive series of monographs, which was introduced several decades ago, the Municipal Archives also publish an interdisciplinary journal called “Zeit – Raum – Innsbruck”, which is devoted to matters of current interest and the latest results of research.
If you are traveling to Innsbruck with the intention of performing specific research, please let us know in advance so that you can be sure of starting your work without delay.
Our staff, including historians and art historians, are always pleased to advise and help you with your research.


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