Ground markings

There must be an ordinance for ground markings - usually also on private property. More information and contact persons can be found here.

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For ground markings there must be an ordinance in principle (with a few exceptions). Ground markings on public roads are applied by the Service Unit Road Administration - Ground markings.. if necessary, according to the ordinance, by the authorityService Unit Road traffic and road law text ... ).

Can I propose or have a guardrail or additional markings removed?

If you have questions or concerns about existing pavement markings or would like pavement markings on the public road, contact the Service Unit Road traffic and road law

Please note that the Authority is bound by rules when ordering markings. For example, new protective lanes ("crosswalks") require minimum numbers of pedestrian and vehicular traffic, as well as lighting that complies with standards, and staging areas for people on both sides of the road. In the case of heavy traffic or wide roadways, light signals (traffic lights) or the installation of traffic islands (center islands) are also required.

Am I allowed to place a road marking on my private property?

Ground markings in the sense of the Road Traffic Act (e.g. safety path, restricted area, ...) may only be placed on private (generally accessible) areas if there is an ordinance from the authority for this, unless the areas would not even be usable for pedestrians. As soon as at least pedestrian traffic is possible and permitted, a traffic area is subject to the road traffic regulations. The unauthorized installation of ground markings is punishable by law.

Therefore, if you would like to apply a ground marking, e.g. in your house driveway, please contact the Road Traffic and Road Law Department for permission.

Am I allowed to apply floor markings myself?

The unauthorized application of ground markings is punishable by law. For example, if you want to mark a private parking space on the side of the road, use a rectangular plaque with a no parking symbol and an addendum such as "private" or "adverse possession action" instead of a white shaded "restricted area." For approval of a pavement marking, contact the Road Traffic and Street Law Department.

When are road markings refreshed?

Road markings on public roads are refreshed annually by the Road Administration Department. This can only be done when the temperature is above freezing. If you would like to report that road markings are to be refreshed, please contact the Road Management Unit

Who are my contacts?