Mobile Monitoring Group (MÜG)

The MÜG is available daily around the clock for the citizens of the city of Innsbruck. More about responsibilities, recognizability and contact.

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the Mobile Monitoring Group (MÜG) is on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week for the citizens of the city of Innsbruck. Find out here on which occasions the MÜG is responsible, how you can recognize MÜG employees, which ordinances the MÜG monitors and how you can reach the MÜG.

When do I call the police?

The MÜG may not act in the event of personal injury or property damage. Please contact the police at 133.

When do I call the MÜG?

In short, you can call the MÜG for most parking, noise, animal (dog) incidents , some incidents at city playgrounds or parks, and for an emergency pass .


  • Handicapped parking spaces, sidewalks, bicycle lanes, loading zones, cab stands, bus stops, house entrances or residents' zones are parked.
    • Vehicles can only be towed from house entrances if the vehicle is an obstruction to entrances or exits.
    • Towing is also not possible in the case of parked residents' zones.
    • Towing from private property cannot be initiated by the Mobile Monitoring Group. Such towing can be ordered privately and falls under civil law.
  • Legal parking prohibitions were not observed (e.g. when the lane width is too narrow due to parked vehicles).
  • Objects on traffic areas obstruct traffic.


  • Unacceptable noise from radio and TV sets, stereos, and other sound amplifiers (especially during the nighttime hours between 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.)
  • Noisy gardening and household chores (lawn mowing, carpet beating etc.) during
    • the noon rest period (12.00 to 15.00), during the evening
    • Evening and night hours (20.00 to 06.00)
    • on Sundays and public holidays (all day)
    • Attention: Commercial janitorial services and the like are excluded.
  • Undue noise by shouting, knocking etc.


  • Danger from animals (esp. dogs)
  • Free running dogs
  • Escaped animals (esp. dogs)
  • Barbecues in municipal. Parks or urban playgrounds
  • Alcohol consumption on playgrounds and in alcohol prohibition zones


What ordinances does the MÜG monitor?

  • The police cannot enforce local police ordinances. Only municipal authorities can do that. That is why the Mobile Monitoring Group, or MÜG for short, was established. It is responsible for:
  • Monitoring compliance with local police ordinances, such as
    • Innsbruck park regulations (green areas, etc.)
    • Innsbruck playground regulations
    • Alcohol prohibition ordinance, etc.
  • Monitoring compliance with the following provincial laws and the ordinances issued on the basis of these laws:
  • Monitoring of compliance with the following federal laws and ordinances issued on the basis thereof:
    • Road traffic regulations StVO (restricted to stationary traffic)
    • Railroad law
    • Carrying out of surveys for municipal. Services(trade regulations, registration law)
    • Mail delivery & blocking services for municipal. Services
    • Execution of steward services for the city of Innsbruck
    • Support of the municipal emergency management in all matters
    • Support of the emergency organizations
    • Implementation of traffic measures in the context of events
    • Implementation of immediate measures in the event of damage and accidents


Opening hours

8.00-12.00 and 13.00-16.00

8.00-12.00 a.m

Monday - Sunday:
0.00-24.00 h