The city promotes institutions that deal with women's issues, organizes the Long Night of Women's Film and offers a Women's Night Taxi.

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Which offers of the city of Innsbruck are there for women?

Women's Night Taxi

With the Women's Night Taxi 0512 / 55 17 11 you will get home safely.

Who can request the Women's Night Taxi?

  • Women and girls as well as children of both sexes up to the age of 15 accompanied by women

When can I request the Women's Night Taxi?

  • April to October: daily from 9 p.m. to 4 a.m
  • November to March: daily from 8 p.m. to 4 a.m
  • There are no women's night cabs on Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve and Shrove Tuesday.

How long do I have to wait for the Women's Night Taxi?

  • The maximum waiting time due to collective runs is 20 minutes.

How much does the Women's Night Taxi cost?

5,50 € in the whole city area

How do I request the Women's Night Taxi?

By calling the telephone number 0512 / 55 17 11

What events of the city of Innsbruck are there for women?

Long Night of Women's Film

On the occasion of International Women's Day, the city of Innsbruck, Service Unit Women and generations.. organizes the Long Night of Women's Film every year, which is intended to encourage reflection on equal opportunities and equal rights in practice.

In cooperation with the Metropolkino, a varied program of selected women's films is shown. It illuminates the most diverse facets of women's lives. In addition to entertainment, the films also provide inspiration and new perspectives. The aim is to raise awareness, promote equality and contribute to equal opportunities.

In which International Days does the city participate?

International Women's Day

The first International Women's Day was held on March 19, 1911 in Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, the United States and Austria. In 1921, International Women's Day was set for March 8, and since then, events and actions have been held around the world to draw attention to women's concerns.

In these more than 100 years, the living situation of women has improved decisively, but it is still necessary to continue to pursue the unfulfilled basic demands and to formulate new women's political concerns. In order to draw attention to this day, the city of Innsbruck carries out actions that encourage reflection and raises the women's flag at the city hall as a visible sign for more justice.

International Day against Violence against Women

In 1981, November 25 was first declared the International Day against Violence against Women by the United Nations. Since then, it has been celebrated worldwide as a day of remembrance and action. The background is the sad fate of the three Mirabal sisters in the Dominican Republic, who as civil rights campaigners were brutally murdered in 1960 after months of persecution and torture.

Violence against women and children affects all social classes and has many faces. Subtle forms of violence in particular are unfortunately still on the rise in our society. In order to raise public awareness of this issue, the "Live free without violence" flag is hoisted every year at Innsbruck City Hall together with representatives of various women's organizations.


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