Subsidies support many different areas of life. Find here general info about application, documents, procedure and proof documents.

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What are subsidies?

Subsidies are regulated by private law. The city is not obliged to grant them. Subsidies are therefore voluntary support from the city of Innsbruck. They can, but do not have to, consist of a monetary payment. The following types are distinguished:

  • Annual subsid ies are intended as support for recurring and ongoing costs, such as rent, personnel or energy costs of facilities.
  • Individual and project subsid ies usually support one-time, non-material projects.
  • Special subsidies support material investments.

Subsidies are governed by the subsidy regulations.

In which areas are subsidies granted?

To get an overview of which subsidies are granted, for example, you can look at the subsidy checker to see the subsidies granted in previous years.

Where & how do I submit a subsidy application?

You can submit all subsidy applications online.

The signature is done via the cell phone signature or ID Austria.

Alternatively, you can use a manual (statutory or company) signature and then upload the document. Here you must also add a valid official photo ID (driver's license, ID card, passport).

Attention: Within one calendar year the subsidy amounts are added up.

What do I need for my application?

  • Cell phone signature or ID Austria
  • if you sign by hand: Drucker and scanner or camera, valid official copy of identification (passport, driver's license or ID card)
  • If the applicant is a legal entity: a document stating who is authorized to represent the applicant. In the case of associations, this is the current excerpt from the register of associations, in the case of a limited liability company, a current excerpt from the register of companies, etc.
  • IBAN of the applicant for the subsidy
  • Documents/concept for the intended use
  • Financial plan structured according to :
    • Income (without other subsidies)
    • Personnel costs
    • Material costs
    • other subsidies applied for or already granted and the resulting part for the city of Innsbruck
  • Statistical data, such as: Association members, user/visitor numbers, ..
  • Ev. other. Documents, such as brochures, catalogs, ..

Further information on the requirements and the process can be found in the subsidy regulations of the provincial capital Innsbruck.

In exceptional cases, previously agreed with the department, subsidy applications are also possible at a later date.

Which way does my subsidy application go?

  1. You submit the online application.
  2. This is followed by a formal check in the Department for Subsidies & Property Valuation
    1. Is the application correct and complete?
    2. Are the contact details correct?
    3. Have the "correct" persons signed?
    4. Is the account in the name of the association? etc.
  3. If the application is correct, the application is forwarded to the specialized department (sports, culture, social affairs, ...) for examination of the content.
  4. A decision-making body then decides on the granting of the subsidy:
    1. For applications of up to 3,000 euros, the decision is made by the political officer responsible for the department.
    2. If the application exceeds 3,000 euros, a committee of the municipal council (e.g. cultural committee, committee for social affairs and housing allocation, etc.) deliberates.
    3. The decision is then made:
      1. up to 10,000 euros in the city senate,
      2. for amounts above 10,000 euros in the municipal council,
      3. Attention: Within one calendar year the subsidy amounts are added up.
  5. The application comes back to the department
  6. You will receive a reply letter and, if necessary, payment.
  7. You must provide the supporting documentation by June 30 of the following year at the latest.

How and when do I provide the supporting documents?

Information on the required evidence is provided in the commitment letter you received. The documents must be received by June 30 of the year following the subsidy payment at the latest. For this purpose, there is a verification form.

How to submit the evidence is also stated in your letter of acceptance. In principle, you need the following documents:

  • Completed and signed subsidy statement
  • Invoice receipts, made out to the subsidy recipient with payment confirmations in the amount of the subsidy (The presentation of original receipts is only required upon request)
  • For travel: Travel invoices with original travel tickets
  • Overall statement in the form of an income/expenditure statement or balance sheet
  • Proof of logo usage. Be sure logo usage is correct.
  • Invoices must be made out to the subsidy applicant.

What are the most important deadlines?

In principle, subsidy applications can be submitted until October 31 of the current year. Applications for the following year can be submitted from September 1 . The earlier you apply, the better!

Deadlines for submitting subsidy applications to City Department Culture.:

  • Cultural Committee January 17, 2024 - Submission deadline: December 28, 2023
  • Cultural Committee March 6, 2024 - Deadline: February 14, 2024

Due to the municipal council and mayoral elections, there will be no Culture Committee in May 2024. Applications over EUR 3,000 received after February 14, 2024 can therefore probably only be dealt with in June.

Deadlines for submission of subsidy applications to the Service Unit Inpatient care and social subsidies - Social subsidies..:

  • 5. October - deadline: September 4, 2023
  • 30. November - deadline: October 31, 2023

Submission deadlines for health grant applications:

Deadlines for submission of subsidy applications to the City Department Sports..:

  • 28. September - deadline: September 20, 2023
  • 30. November - deadline: November 13, 2023

Which subsidies have been granted so far?

In the subsidy checker you can view the subsidies granted in previous years.

Who are my contacts for my subsidy application?

Questions regarding content

For questions regarding content, contact the appropriate office or unit:

FamiliesService Unit Women and generations
WomenService Unit Women and generations
Integration/MigrationService Unit Strategy and integration
Children and youthService Unit Women and generations
Promotion of children and youth - operating contributionsService Unit Child and youth development
Ecclesiastical affairsService Unit City Archive/City Museum
CultureService Unit Cultural development and promotions - Cultural subsidies
Real estateService Unit Real Estate
Agriculture and forestryCity Department Forest and nature
Senior citizens & operation of senior citizens' homesService Unit Women and generations
Social and health careService Unit Inpatient care and social subsidies - Social subsidies
SportService Unit Sports promotion and sports facility development
Teaching and educationCity Department School and education
Economy and tourismService Unit Economy and tourism

For questions regarding the subsidy application process or the online form, please contact the Service Unit Subsidies, cost and activity accounting

Fair Pay funding for cultural institutions

The City of Innsbruck is providing funding for the year 2024 to support cultural institutions in the implementation of Fair Pay measures from January 1, 2024.

The Fair Pay grant can only be applied for in connection with an artistic/cultural project. Payment is made at 80% Fair Pay level. A Fair Pay grant can be awarded to employees with a genuine and independent contract of employment.

Legal entities that have already received funding from the Cultural Office in previous years for general cultural activities and the creation and maintenance of the structures necessary for those activities are eligible to apply.

The funds made available as fair-pay compensation are to be used explicitly for fair-pay measures. The funding application can be submitted immediately for the year 2024.

What documents do I need?

Where can I find further information?

Innsbruck district funding

From now on, the city of Innsbruck will promote district-related projects to strengthen the local community. 30,000 euros will be made available annually for this purpose. A maximum of 7000 euros will be awarded per application per year. Smaller projects will also receive targeted funding.

What are the criteria?

Effectiveness in the neighborhood and holistic concept: Your offer or project not only benefits your own association or its members/users, but also addresses the extended neighborhood (residents, entrepreneurs, associations). A wide range of local actors are considered, included and, ideally, involved.

Topicality, relevance and continuity of the socio-spatial work: Your offer or project addresses current issues and resources in the district, addresses different target groups in terms of age, gender, origin, education, etc., or specifically involves certain target groups more strongly in the community.


  • Activities in public space (district festivals, exchange offers, markets, interactive art and culture projects with a thematic district connection)
  • (Temporary) provision of spaces for non-commercial initiatives and associations that have an impact on the neighborhood
  • Offers for networking and activation of committed people in the district

Applications for funding can be submitted as a subsidy application for the area of "Social Affairs and Health" with the reference "Innsbruck District Funding".

Applications for 2024 are already possible and will be dealt with in the Social Affairs and Housing Allocation Committee on March 5, 2024. Submission deadline: February 2, 2024

Where can I find more information?

When applying in the cultural sector, the following points should be noted: Application guide