Equal treatment in the city magistrate

In the City Magistrate of Innsbruck, the Equal Treatment Officer is responsible for the diverse issues of equal treatment of all employees.

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The Equal Treatment Officer is appointed for a period of five years. She is independent and not bound by instructions. Her duties include supporting the political leadership of the city and the executives in complying with the Equal Treatment Act and in implementing the program for the advancement of women.

What does the Equal Treatment Officer do?

  • The Equal Treatment Officer informs employees on issues of equal treatment: Everyone is entitled to equal treatment regardless of gender, ethnic or religious affiliation, ideology, sexual orientation, age or disability.
  • In the event of a suspected violation of the Equal Treatment Act, the person concerned may contact the Equal Treatment Officer. All conversations with the Equal Treatment Officer are subject to absolute confidentiality!
  • After examining the facts of the case, the Equal Treatment Officer will conduct a possible conciliation procedure and - depending on the outcome of this conciliation procedure - refer the matter to the Equal Treatment Commission. These steps can only be taken with the consent of the person concerned!

What are the areas of work ofthe Equal Treatment Officer?

  • Advising and supporting employees in matters of equal treatment
  • Advising and supporting the city's political leadership and managers in complying with the Equal Treatment Act and in implementing the program for the advancement of women
  • Advisory function in the Equal Treatment Commission
  • Submission of applications to the Equal Treatment Commission
  • Participation and advisory function in job interviews for employment groups a, b and final grade c
  • Informing the Equal Treatment Officer about all existing and newly formed working and project groups that are entrusted with matters of service law or personnel-related matters
  • Contact point for all employees for requests, suggestions, complaints and inquiries