Early maternity leave

Mothers are not allowed to work eight weeks before the expected delivery. Maternity protection may start earlier in case of health reasons.

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When can I take early maternity leave?

In order to protect mother and child, the Maternity Protection Act stipulates that mothers may not be employed during the last eight weeks before the expected delivery. If there are health-related reasons for exemption, the mother can enter early maternity leave before the 32nd week of pregnancy.

To do so, a specialist in gynecology or internal medicine must issue a certificate of exemption.

In a few exceptional cases, these certificates are also issued or confirmed by a public health officer or a labor inspector. For this, you will need the relevant specialist medical report and the mother-child passport. However, your first point of contact is always your specialist in gynecology.

Here you will find more information about the birth and birth certificate and an overview of all official procedures around the birth.


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