Official channels in case of death

Here you can find out what to do in the event of a death.

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What to do in case of death?

  1. Report death (if the deceased person did not die in the hospital)
  2. Coroner's inquest
  3. Contactfuneral home
  4. Contact family doctor for issuance of treatment certificate

Please note:

  • A sanitary police autopsy may be required if the cause of death is unclear
  • The cause of death cannot be disclosed due to medical confidentiality (except by a written release from medical confidentiality during life)

When and to whom do I have to report the death?

As soon as someone has died outside the Innsbruck Regional Hospital, please report the death immediately:

What is the necropsy

After each death, a medical examiner on duty must conduct a coroner's inquest.

Please note:

  • The coroner's inquest may be conducted no earlier than three hours after the death has occurred.
  • No changes may be made to the deceased person (including dressing or changing clothes).

The funeral home can only transfer the deceased person from the place of death after the coroner's inquest.

I would like to transfer the deceased person abroad or to another state. What should I do?

Even if cremation is planned or in the case of a transfer to another federal state or abroad, please contact your funeral home.

Where can I get a death certificate?

You can get a death certificate in Service Unit Registry office and citizenship - Deaths

Further official channels in the event of death

Further information on official channels in the event of death can be found at