Animal lost or deceased

If your pet has died or escaped, here is more info on what to do.

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My pet has died - what should I do?

If your pet should die at home, please contact the Service Unit Veterinary - Wasenmeisterei for further information. Our staff member is available to assist you outside of office hours.

Please note that proof of death is required for dog tax deregistration.

Lost animals

Have you found a stray animal?

If you find a stray animal, please contact the Mentlberg animal shelter or the municipal Service Unit Veterinary - Wasenmeisterei

You can report a missing animal to the Lade Text Service Unit Veterinary - Wasenmeisterei and to the Tierschutzverein für Tirol.

My pet has run away - what can I do?

Contact the loading text Service Unit Veterinary - Wasenmeisterei It is responsible for lost animals in the city of Innsbruck.

If the Wasenmeisterei finds an animal, this will be posted on the office notice board with the keyword "lost animal" and the Tierschutzverein für Tirol will be informed.

What can I do as a precaution so that my animal is found more quickly?

  • You are obliged to have your dog chipped and register it in the pet database (see more about dogs). You can also have your cat chipped (this is a legal requirement for breeding cats, for example). This means that your pet can be returned to you more quickly.
  • Always keep the data in the pet database up to date.
  • Enter your details on the animal's collar, for example using a dog tag.
  • Have your EU pet passport ready and make sure that it is complete.