The city of Innsbruck handles the European election, federal presidential election, national council election, state parliament election and municipal council election.

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Where can I find information about the next election?

You can find all the relevant information here in good time before the next election.

Who is allowed to vote?

Who may cast their vote varies from election to election and is anchored in the electoral law.

Where can I vote?

Polling station

The polling station where you can cast your vote depends on the respective electoral district - all voters will be informed about this by mail in advance. In addition, a map and a street directory with all polling stations and the corresponding precincts will be displayed here on the website in good time before each election.

Special Election Authority

If you are bedridden, you can request to vote before a special election authority. There is an online form for this purpose.

Vote by mail

If you are unable to visit a polling station on election day, you can apply for a polling card and use it to cast your vote.

How & where do I apply for a polling card?

If you do not have the opportunity to visit a polling station on election day, you can apply for a polling card and vote by absentee ballot. You apply for the electoral card:

  • by means of a cell phone signature
  • online (photo ID may be required)
  • by mail (photo ID required)
  • in person at the polling card office (photo ID required)

As soon as you can apply for an election card, you will find the links and further information here.

Where do I submit my declaration of support for elections?

You can submit declarations of support in the Service Unit Registration and residents' affairs, passport matters - Declarations of support for referendums & elections...

Please draw a number under the designation "Unterstützungserklärung"" and do not forget your official photo ID in the original!

When are the next elections in Innsbruck expected to take place?

2024Local council election Innsbruck
2024National Council election

Where can I view election results?

Here you can find statistics and results of past elections in and around Innsbruck:

Last updated 22.09.2023