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The participation of citizens in Innsbruck is of great importance to the City of Innsbruck. This is why it has its own Service Unit Citizen participation In participation processes, it is the interface between citizens and the City of Innsbruckmagistrat.

The focus is on supporting the municipal offices in the participation of citizens in municipal projects and planning processes as well as the independent implementation of projects in direct contact with citizens. Another area of the department's work is networking with internal and external stakeholders.

What citizen participation projects are there?

cool-INN & COOLYMP: Cool urban living spaces

Info on these two projects can be found under Climate Projects.

"Tree slices" - Flowering islands

In spring 2021, the city launched a participatory campaign offering citizens the opportunity to design their own green island in Innsbruck. Under the motto "Gardening on your doorstep", residents are allowed to plant small areas and spots around trees - so-called tree slices - in public spaces according to their own ideas. Anyone who wants to contribute to the beautification of the city can participate. The only condition: Time for regular care and the willingness to take over the design of the colorful island.

More information and the folder are available in all city district meetings, as well as at the Service Unit City Garden Administration.

Move-in assistance XL - sustainable living

Since 2020, the city of Innsbruck welcomes future tenants of a city apartment in Innsbruck. To ensure that they are prepared for the move and feel at home in their new apartment right away, they support Service Unit Citizen participation.. supports them with the "Move-in Assistance XL". In workshops, the new residents receive practical and simple tips on sustainable living and good neighborliness.

In 2020, the "Einzugsbegleitung XL" won the ÖGUT Environmental Award in the category "Sustainable Community". More info can be found in the Service Unit Citizen participation

Feed-INN - optimizing urban food cycles

Since March 2021, the project "Feed'INN", which was launched by the Austrian Institute for Sustainable Development (ÖIN) together with the City of Innsbruck and the Institute of Geography at the University of Innsbruck, has been dedicated to the role of food in times of global change. This pursues two goals: on the one hand, the better networking of actors who play a role in the food cycle. On the other hand, exemplary projects of sustainable food planning in cooperation with the Markthalle Innsbruck and the Weltacker (feldschafft) in Reichenau are promoted. Behind the project is the conviction that a sustainable food system can only emerge from cooperation.

For more information, contact the Austrian Institute for Sustainable Development or feld:schafft - Genossenschaft zur Nutzung von Ungenutztem.

Nature playground - "Join in" afternoons at the Campagne

The residents of Campagne Reichenau, who will move in in the spring of 2022, can actively contribute to the green space design of their own living environment. Already in January, the Office for Citizen Participation and the Office for Green Spaces, together with the tenants, built models of a "dream" nature play meadow. Now this is in monthly taking place "Mach-mit" afternoons also step by step put on. you can find more information in the Service Unit Green spaces - planning and construction

Taskforce Youth - Projects in the framework of youth participation

In June 2021, through the Service Unit Citizen participation.. the "Taskforce Youth" was established. The aim is to put a stronger focus on youth topics within the city magistrate and to specifically support projects for and by young people in Innsbruck. This resulted, among other things, in the coordination on the topic of "celebrations in public spaces".

In concrete terms, citizen participation acts as an interface between politics, administration and party organizers. Furthermore, areas in the Innsbruck area are constantly being sought for parties and celebrations, as well as spontaneous gatherings.

In 2022, two street art projects with the participation of young artists could also be implemented, in the Innbrücke bicycle underpass, as well as at Adolf Pichler Platz.

You can find more information in the Service Unit Citizen participation


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