Innsbruck prioritizes the active mobility of Innsbruck's citizens - this includes walking in the city.

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Every third trip in Innsbruck is made on foot, in the city center even every second. The city of Innsbruck provides the necessary attractive streets and sidewalks and a safe progress also for people with disabilities.

With intelligent solutions in road and path construction, but also in traffic light control and signposting, Innsbruck is increasingly becoming a city of short distances. In this way, Innsbruck is making a contribution to promoting the "environmental alliance" of pedestrian, bicycle and public transport. Among other things, there is the "Walking Master Plan".

What is the "Walking Master Plan"?

With the adoption of the "Walking Master Plan", the City of Innsbruck is taking a further step towards prioritizing and promoting active mobility for Innsbruck's citizens. The aim is firstly to increase walking and secondly to ensure that 80 percent of all journeys are made by bike, public transport or on foot (modal share).

In order to achieve this ambitious goal, the city of Innsbruck wants to give priority to walking over other modes of transport in all planning. To this end, the infrastructure is to be improved and expanded, the quality of stay increased and safety for pedestrians guaranteed. The city of Innsbruck should once again become an experience for pedestrians.

Where can I request a safety path?

On the way to school of your children is missing a safety path ("crosswalk") or a hedge takes the view of the safety path? Then you can propose a protective path or ground marking.

How barrier-free is Innsbruck's street space?

In new construction and renovation projects, the city of Innsbruck pays special attention to making the street space barrier-free , especially for visually impaired and walking-impaired people. This includes, among other things, the barrier-free lowering of sidewalks in the area of intersections or protective paths and tactile guidance systems.

Do you have questions or suggestions about tactile guidance systems? Then contact the City Department Civil Engineering

E-Scooter Awareness Campaign

Incorrectly parked e-scooters on sidewalks are a danger, especially for people with disabilities. With this campaign we want to appeal to you to be more considerate when parking your scooters or other means of transportation.

E-scooter awareness campaign with audio description

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Where are pedestrian zones and what rules apply there?

The pedestrian zones in Innsbruck can be seen on the city map. You are generally allowed to drive and stop there from 6:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. to carry out loading activities with motor vehicles. Parking is not permitted.

In addition, the pedestrian zones may be used throughout the day by vehicles necessary to carry out the repair of an unforeseen a ilment, if this repair cannot be postponed. For this purpose, parking is also allowed with these vehicles. Other exceptions exist for driving cabs, ambulance vehicles and, in some cases, bicycles.

If you need a permit to drive in a pedestrian zone between 10.30 a.m. and 06.00 a.m., you will find more information under Permit for loading activity.

Is cycling allowed in pedestrian zones?

In principle, cycling in a pedestrian zone is only allowed if it is permitted by means of an ordinance and appropriate signage. Please pay attention to the signs! If cycling is allowed, please ride only at walking speed.

You can find more information in the Service Unit Road traffic and road law

Where can I get information?

You can find extensive information about walking on the following websites:

Where can I go with concerns about walking?

If you have any questions, please contact the Service Unit Road Administration - Pedestrian and bicycle coordination You can also contact the city of Innsbruck with your concerns at any time via the portal Bürgermeldungen.