Disability Advisory Board

The Advisory Board for Persons with Disabilities is a body free of directives that advises and independently implements initiatives in the interest of persons with disabilities.

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What is the Advisory Board for the Disabled - BBR?

The Advisory Board for the Disabled (BBR) consists of representatives of 16 institutions that deal with the concerns of people with disabilities and are based in Innsbruck. The chairman is Werner Pfeifer.

What does the Advisory Council for People with Disabilities mean by "disabled"?

A disability is not an individual characteristic, but rather a "being disabled". This includes all personal, social, communicative, structural and constructional barriers in all areas of life. People are therefore not "disabled", but they "become" disabled in their independent participation. So it is not just about wheelchair users, but also about blind, deaf, chronically ill, visually impaired, hearing impaired, etc. Persons.

What is the objective of the Disability Advisory Board?

Based on Art. 7 B-VG, the BBR sees its task in the creation of framework conditions for the equal and independent participation of people with disabilities and people who are disabled. It is about reducing discrimination in the city in all areas of daily life: work, education, culture, construction and housing, leisure, transport, health, communication, etc.

What does the Advisory Council for People with Disabilities do?

It is an independent body that advises the municipal council, the city senate and the mayor and independently implements initiatives in the interest of people with disabilities. It participates in the strategic planning of measures in the city administration, monitors the implementation and evaluates the results. He makes concrete proposals of measures to achieve accessibility.

Who is the Disability Advisory Council for?

It is oriented toward the needs of those affected. Its office is a service facility for all affected persons and their relatives. It is a network partner in a system of partnership and cooperation between the various interest groups.

How does the Disability Advisory Board work?

The functions of the BBR and its mode of operation are defined within the framework of the rules of procedure. These are intended to enable it to work as efficiently as possible.
The memberinstitutions send representatives to the advisory board, which meets several times a year. Special topics are dealt with in working groups.

What has the Advisory Council for the Disabled already achieved?

The bevels at all intersections, the tactile guidance system for the blind including white stripes, and many ramps are present in the cityscape. The municipal buildings are gradually being made barrier-free. Cab drivers are trained in customer contact with people with disabilities. Children starting school who need an FM system for hearing are provided with one free of charge by the city. There is a walking trail for the blind, and sign language interpretation costs are paid for all official business at Magistrat. And much more.

Advisory members are the responsible city councilor Mag. a Elisabeth Mayr as well as the drei municipal disability officers for the areas of construction, legal issues and the office BBR Innsbruck.

Disability representative

In the city of Innsbruck there is also a legal and a technical disability representative.