Tuberculosis Care

Tuberculosis is notifiable. The disease mainly affects the lungs, but can also affect other organs.

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What is tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is a notifiable disease. It is caused by bacteria. The pathogens usually affect the lungs and cause, among other things, coughing. However, they can also affect almost any other organ and cause severe illness.

What happens if a case of tuberculosis occurs?

If tuberculosis has occurred in your area, the Tuberculosis Act requires you to have an environmental examination:

  • To find a source of infection, a radiographic examination of the lungs will be ordered.
  • To find an infection, the Service Unit Healthcare.. will perform a skin test. You will be invited to do this in writing.

Persons who have been treated for tuberculosis are required to undergo regular pulmonary examinations. These check-ups are coordinated by the Service Unit Healthcare.. coordinated.