School Health

Everything from school vaccinations to school medical exams and billing forms for doctors to info on lice infestations.

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School Vaccinations

The Service Unit Healthcare offers regular vaccination campaigns at Innsbruck's compulsory schools and high schools. Annually, several thousand vaccinations are administered in Innsbruck schools.

Which vaccinations are recommended?

The Service Unit Healthcare offers regular vaccination campaigns at Innsbruck's compulsory schools and high schools. The Department of Public Health or the school management informs students and parents about this in good time.

What vaccinations are given at the school?

  • Diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis-polio, Repavax®, in the 3rd school grade
  • Human papilloma virus (HPV), Gardasil 9®, in 5th grade
  • Meningococcus, Nimenrix®, in the 6th grade
  • Hepatitis B, HBVAXPRO®, in 7th grade

School medical examinations

Service Unit Healthcare offers regular school medical examinations for pupils of the municipal compulsory schools and the polytechnic school.

School doctors of the municipal schools

Dr. Teresa FreboldVS-Inner City
VS-St. Nicholas
Dr. Marlies VeraLiebensteiner MS-Pembaurstraße Sandra MassimianiVS-Leitgeb II
MS-Ilse Brüll alley
Dr. Georg MravlagVS Igls-Vill
VS-Pradl-Ost Sadan PomaroliVS-Altwilten
Dr. Stephan PutzerVS-Leitgeb I
Dr. Vera RittenschoberVS-Arzl
Polytechnic course
Dr. Ingrid RohracherVS-Reichenau Hedi SchullianVS-Allerheiligen
SPZ School at the Inn
Dr. Christoph SchullianVS-Franz-Fischer-Straße
VS-Saggen (Sieberer) Inge WerusMusic HS-O Village I
MS-O Village II Kristin WedekindVS-Hötting West
MS-Hötting West

Lice infestation in community facilities

Infestation with head lice is not a matter of personal cleanliness. Even on a hygienically maintained head, lice can thrive and multiply. The main reason for the growing problem is ignorance of how the parasites are transmitted, reproduced and controlled.

If you discover lice on your child, be sure to inform all close contacts without hesitation and especially the parents of your child's friends and the school or kindergarten that your child attends.