Rehabilitation & Disability

Here you will find support for people with any kind of mental, physical, psychological or sensory disability and those suffering from addiction.

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Find out here what the requirements are for rehabilitation or disability assistance, how to apply, what documentation you need to apply, and where to get advice.

Who can apply for rehabilitation or disability assistance?

  • People with any kind of mental, physical, psychological or sensory disability with a permanent significant impairment
  • people suffering from addiction after completion of medical treatment

Further requirements

  • Austrian citizenship. Foreign citizens are eligible if they have the same status as Austrian citizens according to the Tyrolean Participation Act (Tiroler Teilhabegesetz) and are legally residing in Tyrol according to the regulations of the law on aliens
  • The prospect that the requested measure can actually strengthen the participation of the person with disabilities in social life.
  • Residence in Innsbruck or, in the case of admission to institutions outside of Innsbruck, main residence before admission to Innsbruck

You can take advantage of various benefits, some of them at the same time. Some of the measures are granted by official notice. You have a legal claim to these benefits. Other measures are granted by way of private law. In both cases, you will have to pay a contribution to costs or a deductible appropriate to your financial circumstances. You can find more information in the Service Unit Rehabilitation and assistance for the disabled

Who is not entitled to rehabilitation or disability assistance

The assistance is person-related and has a supportive function. This means that you can only apply for this assistance if you do not receive the services you need in any other way or from other payers.

How do I make the application?

You can apply for rehabilitation or disability assistance with these forms and the required documents in person or by mail in the Service Unit Rehabilitation and assistance for the disabled..

It is also possible to hand in applications in the Lade Service Unit Citizen service and lost property service... Please note that applications can only be handed in completely filled out in a sealed envelope labeled "Rehabilitation & Disability Assistance".

What documents do I need for the application?

  • Valid photo identification
  • current specialist medical report showing the type of disability and the recommended measure. For some measures, the submission of a so-called "axis diagnosis" is required.
  • in the case of applications for extensions: a progress report from the therapy facility or therapist on the success of the therapy measure so far
  • Proof of income of all persons living in the applicant's household. This is not required for certain types of benefits (in particular help with education and schooling)
  • Proof of care allowance
  • residence permits under aliens law for non-Austrian citizens
  • Account details
  • Proof of any existing adult representation (court order)

Where do I get advice?

In the Service Unit Rehabilitation and assistance for the disabled.. you will be advised.


Opening hours

Monday to Thursday:
7.30-12.00 and by appointment

Monday to Thursday:
7.30-12.00 and 13.00-16.00