Residential and nursing homes

Financing of home costs & info about home stay

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How do I get a place in a residential & nursing home?

In Innsbruck there are several homes that have a tariff agreement with the state of Tyrol. In these homes it is possible to be assisted with the financing of the home costs.

These include the homes of the Innsbruck Social Services (ISD):

For a place in a home, please register yourself or your relatives directly at the ITS Social Service.

Here you will also find a step-by-step guide to your ITS residential home place.

Other homes are:

For a place in a home, register yourself or your relative(s) directly with the respective home administration.

Private homes

There are also private homes that do not have a tariff agreement with the state of Tyrol and therefore have to be financed entirely by themselves.

These include:

What does the stay at the home cost?

You can find out about the costs directly from the homes. If you are unable to pay for your stay in the home yourself, or if you are unable to pay for it in full, you can apply for "assistance with care". The application can be submitted via the respective home administration.

Who is responsible?

Service Unit Inpatient care and social your contact if you are a citizen of the city of Innsbruck and are admitted to a residential or nursing home. For persons with care allowance up to level 2, the responsibility lies with the City of Innsbruck, and for care allowance level 3 and higher, with the Province of Tyrol.

Where can I find more info on home cost financing?

You can find more information about benefit requirements and information sheets at

If you have any additional questions on this topic, the staff at Service Unit Inpatient care and social subsidies.. will be happy to help.