Community Nursing

Are you a family carer in the project region Arzl-Dorf or Mühlau? Then the offer of the Community Nurse supports and relieves you.

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The community nurse forms a central point of contact for family caregivers in all matters relating to care and health. This is intended to relieve the burden on family caregivers. The Community Nurse is part of the Innsbruck Social Services GmbH (ISD), carries out home visits and networks existing structures.

What is Community Nursing?

  • Community nurses are qualified health care and nursing staff who offer low-threshold support and relief services close to home.
  • They are a central point of contact for family caregivers in all matters relating to care and health
  • Existing services, such as home health care, are supplemented.
  • Community Nursing promotes and protects the health of individuals, families and communities.
  • Community Nurses also take care of the networking of existing structures for nursing and health, represent interests, organize information and training events and offer regular consultation hours.

How does the Community Nursing Project help me?

  • All services are free of charge for family caregivers.
  • Central point of contact for family caregivers for questions about care and health
  • Preventive home visits (by appointment)
  • Information and advice (in the form of home visits and consultation hours)
  • Survey of current care and unmet needs
  • Coordination and mediation of additional offers
  • Training for family caregivers
  • Representation of interests

What are the goals of Community Nursing?

  • To enable family caregivers to remain in their own homes longer by empowering them
  • Promote health, quality of life, well-being and self-help skills of family caregivers
  • Promotion of health competencies of family caregivers
  • Networking of regional care and health services

How is the project funded?

As part of the Austrian Recovery and Resilience Plan (RRF for short), around 120 pilot projects on Community Nursing are being implemented throughout Austria, funded by the European Union, NextGenerationEU. The pilot project in Arzl-Dorf and Mühlau is also 100 percent financed by this EU funding.

Who are my contact persons?

If you have any questions, please contact the ISD Mobile Care and Support.

Last updated 07.06.2023