Prize for artistic creation

Every year, the city of Innsbruck awards the prize for artistic creation alternately in the fields of literature, visual arts and music.

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Endowment: 12,000 euros

What is sponsored?

The prize for artistic creation was established in 1981 and expresses the appreciation of the city's leadership towards the creators of art and culture. As an art promotion prize, the award for artists has existed since 1952.

It is awarded annually, alternating between the categories of visual arts, literature and music.

Who awards the prize?

City of Innsbruck

How do I apply?

An application is not necessary. The award is made on the recommendation of a jury of experts.

Who decides on the award?

The selection of the award winners is made by a three-member, annually changing jury of experts, whereby one jury member comes from Tyrol and the other two jury members do not have their center of life in Tyrol. The jury is composed of experts in the respective fields:

  • Literature: writers, representatives of the fields of literary mediation, literary studies and literary criticism
  • Visual arts: visual artists, representatives of the fields of art education, art theory and exhibitions
  • Music: composers, musicians, representatives from the fields of musicology, music education and criticism.

Previous award winners

Die Medienkünstlerin Karin Ferrari erhält den mit 12.000 Euro dotierten „Preis für künstlerisches Schaffen 2020“

Media artist Karin Ferrari receives the "Prize for Artistic Creation 2020" in the visual arts category, endowed with 12,000 euros. Isabelle Brandauer (left), head of the cultural office, and Natalie Pedevilla congratulated the award winner in a small circle.© IKM / AD

YearAward winners
2021Literature: Christoph W. Bauer
2020Visual arts: Karin Ferrari
2019Music: Musicbanda Franui
2018Literature: Norbert Gstrein
2017Visual arts: Rens Veltman

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