Hilde Zach Literature Scholarships

Literature from Innsbruck is supported by the city with two scholarships each year.

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Endowment: 7,000 & 3,000 euros

  • Literaturescholarship: 7,000 euros
  • Literature promotion scholarship: 3.000 Euro

The total funding amount of 10,000 euros is divided into a large scholarship and a promotion scholarship. This division ensures that both established literary figures on the local scene and new talents are supported.

What is supported?

The Hilde Zach Literary Scholarships are intended to enable Innsbruck writers to devote themselves intensively to their work as writers. in 2013, the literary scholarships were renamed the Hilde Zach Literary Scholarships in recognition and memory of Innsbruck's former mayor.

Who awards the scholarship?

City of Innsbruck

How do I apply?

You can submit your documents annually starting in April via the platform kultur-innsbruck.vemap.com. The current submission period runs from Monday, April 3, 2023, starting at 8:00 a.m. until Monday, June 19, 2023, 5:00 p.m.

Who can apply?

Literary figures who were

  • were born in Tyrol or
  • are resident in Innsbruck and
  • are permanently and creatively artistically active in Innsbruck and
  • are of age (at least 18 years old).

Persons who have already received one of the two grants may only apply again after five years.

What can be submitted?

  • Prose (max. 50 pages + max. ½ page short description/flap text) or
  • Drama (max. 50 pages + max. ½ page short description/flap text) or
  • Poetry (max. 10 poems)

Please note:

  • Works already submitted may not be resubmitted.
  • Only one submission per person is allowed per call (prose or Drama or poetry).
  • Individuals who have already received one of the two scholarships may certainly not reapply until five years have passed.

Which documents are required?

The following documents in German and in pdf format are required for submission on kultur-innsbruck.vemap.com:

  • Birth certificate
  • current registration form (from the year of submission)
  • text to be evaluated as a PDF file in the following format:
    • Prose (max. 50 pages + max. ½ page short description/flap text) or
    • Drama (max. 50 pages + max. ½ page short description/flap text) or
    • Poetry (max. 10 poems)
  • Brief curriculum vitae (max. ½ page)
  • Personal data: Name, postadresse, email adresse, phone number

Submissions can be made between exclusively through the portal for art and culture competitions. No submissions other than those submitted through this portal will be accepted.

Who decides on the award?

A three-member jury of experts, which changes annually, evaluates all submissions. One jury member comes from Innsbruck, the other two jury members do not live in Innsbruck. The jury is ideally composed of writers as well as representatives from the fields of literary mediation, literary studies and literary criticism. If there is an author in the jury, he/she must not live or work in Innsbruck for reasons of objectivity.

All applicants will be informed after the non-public jury meeting.

Previous scholarship holders

YearLiterature scholarshipLiterature Grant
2022Mag.a Dr.in Friederike GösweinerMag.a Kathrin Schaber BA aka Thordis Wolf
2021Mag.a Anna LadurnerMichèle Yves Pauty
2020Thomas WisserMag.a Minu Ghedina
2019Martin PlattnerWolfgang Nöckler
2018Elisabeth R. HagerAngelika Rainer
2017Ann-Kathrin AstMartin Fritz
2016Carolina SchuttiIsabella Krainer
2015Händl KlausRobert Prosser
2014Bernhard KathanUrsula Scheidle
2013Irene PruggerHans Platzgumer
2012Helmut SchiestlStefan Abermann
2011Christoph W. BauerMartin Fritz
2010Heinz D. HeislCarolina Schutti
2009Alois HotschnigMarkus Köhle
2008Barbara HundeggerKerstin I. Mayr

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