Traffic Sign & Traffic Mirror

Traffic signs and traffic mirrors may not simply be erected. You can find out what needs to be observed here.

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Traffic signs

Who is responsible for traffic signs?

  • Service Unit Road traffic and road law
    • For the regulation of regulatory signs (no stopping, no driving, priority signs, stop signs)
  • Service Unit Road Administration - Traffic mirrors
    • For the installation of road signs, danger signs, etc.)
    • For the installation and maintenance of traffic signs
    • For suggestions and proposals for existing traffic signs
    • When you have found a traffic sign and want to have it picked up
    • To report damaged or dirty traffic signs

May I place regulatory signs on my private property?

Even on private, (generally accessible) areas, regulatory signs (e.g. no stopping, no driving, etc.) may only be placed if there is an ordinance from the authorityService Unit Road traffic and road law.. ), unless the areas would not even be usable for pedestrians. As soon as at least pedestrian traffic is possible and permitted, a traffic area is subject to the road traffic regulations.

The unauthorized installation of traffic signs is punishable by law. For example, if you want to mark a private parking space on the side of the road, instead of the circular traffic sign "Halting and parking prohibited", use a rectangular panel with this symbol and an addition such as "private" or "possession action". This applies analogously if you want to restrict traffic on a private access road, such as with a weight restriction.

Can I submit a proposal for a traffic regulation?

If you have a proposal for a traffic regulation (or its removal), please contact the Service Unit Road traffic and road law

Traffic mirror

How do I get a traffic mirror?

You can apply for the installation of a traffic mirror on a public road if you want to improve visibility at your property exit.

To do this, you must enter into an agreement with the Service Unit Road Administration - Traffic mirrors. ...

As the applicant:

  • you bear the costs of the initial installation of the traffic mirror,
  • take over the ongoing maintenance (inspection, adjustment of the mirror) and
  • maintenance in case of damage.

The initial installation of the mirror will be carried out by Service Unit Road Administration - Traffic mirrors.. on your behalf.