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Everything about waste collection, waste fees, garbage cans and bags, composting and contact persons in the field of waste disposal

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In Innsbruck, great importance is attached to waste separation. Residual and organic waste is handled by the City of Innsbruck. Light packaging, paper, metal packaging and glass are collected by Innsbrucker Kommunalbetriebe AG(IKB). On this page you will find everything about supply and disposal in Innsbruck:

Where can I dispose of my waste?

  • Residual and organic waste is collected from your home by IKB on behalf of the City of Innsbruck. For this purpose, you will need garbage garbage cans or, in the case of small amounts of residual waste, garbage bags. You can also compost the organic waste yourself. You can find out when the waste is collected from your street in the IKB waste calendar.
  • Light packaging and paper waste is also collected from your home. You will need the designated trash cans or bags for this as well. You can find out when these recyclables are collected from your street in the IKB waste calendar.
  • You can dispose of metal packaging as well as non-ferrous and white glass at the approximately 130 collection islands in the city area.
  • Clean and unblemished old clothes can be dropped off at the WAMS old clothes containers. You can find the locations on the IKB map.
  • Click here for the location map of the recycling collection points in Innsbruck
  • At the mobile problem material collection you can dispose of household cleaners, solvents, medicines or consumer batteries.
  • For green and shrub cuttings there are the following disposal options:
  • All household waste in normal household quantities will be collected at the Roßau recycling center. You can find detailed information under Recyclinghof Ro ßau or in IKB's recycling brochure.

Why should I separate waste?

Separating waste protects the environment and saves money. While disposing of residual waste incurs costs, disposing of recyclables is free. If more garbage is recycled, garbage fees can be saved. That means lower costs for everyone.

How do I separate waste properly?

Have you always wondered what to do with styrofoam, rechargeable batteries, Tetra Paks, Magazines and the like? Then you'll find the answers in the Waste ABC or on IKB's YouTube channel.

In the series "Waste separation: Where do you actually put ...? ?", IKB explains which garbage can certain types of waste belong in.

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How can I avoid waste?

IKB's environmental and waste consulting service offers information material on waste avoidance and separation, but also waste room planning, education in educational institutions, advice on waste disposal in companies or consulting for event organizers. IKB is also happy to answer individual questions about waste and separation.

At you can find environmentally friendly and resource-saving alternatives to buying and reusing used items. In addition to second-hand stores, rental and repair points in your area, ideas for upcycling and further info on the topic are also available.

More upcycling ideas:

IKB's environmental and waste consulting service is happy to answer questions about waste in Innsbruck.

How much is my waste fee?

The basic fee for waste in Innsbruck is calculated based on the number of rooms in a building (see waste fee regulations).

The waste fee is made up of the basic fee (depending on the number of rooms in a property) and the additional fee (depending on the number of people living at a property - minimum volume/person and week = 15 liters for residual and organic waste).

Ifyou compost on your own property, the 15 liters can be reduced to eight liters per person upon application: Application for reduction of the garbage fee

You can find more details at Service Unit Municipal taxes - assessment - Waste fee

Do I have to report my waste requirements?

If your demand increases or decreases because you are building an extension, a conversion or a new building, or because there are more or fewer people living in the building, you must report this in writing to Service Unit Municipal taxes - assessment - Waste fee.. or the IKB. This is a reporting requirement!

Do not forget to inform the Service Unit Municipal taxes - assessment - Waste fee.. if the responsibilities in your building change, e.g. if the property management changes.

How do I get a residual or organic waste garbage can or residual waste bags?

You must notify Service Unit Municipal taxes - assessment - Waste fee.. report your need. This way you will also receive containers for your waste. If your current container is not sufficient, you can also order a residual waste or organic waste container using this form.

Where can I get residual waste bags?

You can get residual waste bags in the Service Unit Municipal taxes - assessment - Waste fee.. of the city of Innsbruck, at the waste collection of IKB in Richard-Berger-Strasse 2 or at the IKB Customer Center in Salurnerstrasse 11.

By the way: At the recycling center you can also get a free organic waste bucket with a capacity of ten liters. However, this does not replace the organic waste garbage can for waste collection.

Where can I get yellow bags?

Yellow bags are sent out once a year. If these are not sufficient, you can pick up more at the IKB Customer Center, at the recycling center and at the IKB waste collection at Richard-Berger-Strasse 2.

If you have any questions about plastic, paper, glass or metal waste, please contact IKB.

Where can I get oil containers?

You can collect used oil in oil containers, which you can get and hand in at the recycling center or at the problem material collection.

I want to compost my organic waste myself, what do I have to do?

You can also compost your organic waste yourself on your own property. You must do this to theService Unit Municipal taxes - assessment - Waste fee.. of the city of Innsbruck in order to receive a reduction of the waste fee. To do so, please contact the Service Unit Municipal taxes - assessment - Waste fee

Promotion & advice for the purchase of a composter

Property owners who set up and operate their own composting in the garden can apply for a one-time reimbursement of the purchase amount of half the acquisition costs up to a maximum of 36.34 euros per property when purchasing a composter or composting aid (e.g. cover fleece, sieve, spade, shredder).

The start and end of the self-composting activity must be reported in writing to the citymagistrat Innsbruck. With the notification, the self-composter undertakes to compost all biologically recyclable municipal waste, with the exception of tree and shrub cuttings, on his own property throughout the year. This is considered a condition of receiving the rebate.

Where to put garden waste and green waste?

Garden waste from private gardens of Innsbruck municipal citizens is accepted free of charge at the städtischen Kompostieranlage up to an annual quantity of 1,000 kg per property. "Pure" branches (free of leaves, roots and soil, branch diameter at least 2 cm) can be handed in free of charge for an unlimited period of time.

In addition to the municipal composting facility in Roßau, there is also the Grünschnittsammelstelle Kranebitter Allee. At the collection point there, you can hand in small quantities of green waste (delivery in containers that can be carried by one person). The collection point is closed during the winter months.

You can also deliver garden waste to the recycling center.

An appointment can also be made with IKB for a fee, in which case the shrubbery clippings will be picked up on site.

Can I buy compost from the city?

You can purchase quality A+ compost and a special compost/humus mix at the städtischen Kompostieranlage. Please bring containers for this purpose.

Who takes care of light packaging, paper, glass or metal waste?

Light packaging, paper, glass or metal waste is the responsibility of IKB. The collected recyclable materials are passed on to recyclers in order to obtain recycled material from them. if you have any questions about this, please contact IKB directly.

Who do I contact with questions about disposal?

Where do I report illegal waste dumping?

Please report illegal waste dumping via the citizen reporting portal.