Civil & Disaster Protection

Learn more about siren signals, emergency numbers, what to do in case of a disaster, how to take precautions and how the city of Innsbruck is prepared.

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What are the emergency numbers?

What to do in case of disaster?


How do I behave in the event of a fire?

The professional fire department Innsbruck gives comprehensive info on how to behave during an emergency and 3 tips that can prevent fires.

Storm & tempest

How do I behave during severe weather & storms?

Before the storm/storm

  • Pay attention and follow instructions from the authority.
  • Turn on the radio.
  • Pay attention to siren signals.
  • Secure loose items (umbrellas, trash cans, lawn furniture, etc.).
  • Tie down tents, poles, etc.
  • Close all doors, windows, skylights, hatches, dome lights, and roll up awnings.
  • Bring loose items indoors (umbrellas, trash cans, etc.).
  • Put your car in the garage - if possible.

During the storm/storm

  • Keep your distance from trees.
  • Stay indoors.
  • Do not do any backup work outside during the storm.
  • In case of damage, call 911: fire department, police, rescue

In case of disaster, get further instructions and info from the authority. Turn on the radio.


How do I behave during floods?

Before the flood:

  • Pay attention to and follow instructions from the authority.
  • Pay attention to the siren signals.
  • Turn on the radio.
  • Prepare waterproofing measures (e.g., seal basement window & doors with sandbags or shutter boards, etc.).
  • Move livestock out of the danger zone.
  • Move vehicles out of the garage to safety.
  • Clear items that should not get wet out of the basement.

During high water:

  • Be aware of and follow instructions from authorities. Turn on the radio.
  • Stay indoors and avoid the paths along the Inn and Sill Rivers.
  • Keep an emergency bag handy for leaving the building (evacuation).
  • Keep in mind that roads and trails considered safe may be flooded and life-threatening.
  • Do not underestimate the violence of water.

Power outages/blackout

What do I do in the event of a power outage/blackout?

IKB provides comprehensive information and tips on the subject of power outages/blackouts.

In the event of a disaster , you will receive further instructions and info from the authority. Turn on the radio .

How can I provide for myself?

Store supplies

  • Drinks: 2.5 liters per person per day, preferably highly carbonated mineral water and fruit juices in composite packaging
  • Food for two weeks:
    • Carbohydrates: honey, sugar, rice and pasta, oatmeal, rusks, packaged bread.
    • Protein: condensed milk, long-life milk, processed cheese, canned fish, canned meat, long-life sausage, dried legumes
    • Fats: cooking fat, cooking oil, margarine, butter
    • Canned vegetables, ready meals, spices, potato products, nuts, instant coffee, etc
    • Food for pets
    • Specialty stores offer emergency supplies that have a shelf life of 15 years or longer.
  • Equipment:
    • Emergency lighting ( (solar) flashlights, etc.)
    • Pharmacy: Ask doctor about medications needed on a regular basis.
    • Radio with batteries
    • Hygiene articles
    • Fine dust mask as mouth and nose protection
    • alternative heating possibility

2 useful apps with tips and tricks

1. SOS EU Alp App - Emergency Calls with Location Determination

The app SOS EU ALP (formerly "Emergency App") enables a location determination via smartphone. In case of emergency, this location data can be transmitted directly to the responsible control center (Tyrol, South Tyrol or Bavaria). At the same time, a call is set up. The app was developed by the control center Tyrol

2. Disaster warning app KATWARN

The KATWARN app from the Federal Ministry of the Interior warns of disasters in your community. Those who do not have a smartphone can also be warned by SMS.

What do the siren signals mean?


Gleichbleibender Dauerton für drei Minuten


Auf- und abschwellender Ton für eine Minute


Gleichbleibender Dauerton für eine Minute


Ton für 15 Sekunden



What disasters can Innsbruck be affected by?

How is Innsbruck prepared for a disaster?

  • Blue light organizations ready for action at any time
  • Regular emergency drills with fire department, rescue service, police, federal army and authorities
  • Municipal response team ready for action at any time:
    • ensures the decision-making ability of the city of Innsbruck
    • maintains vital structures of the city
  • Tyrol control center:
    • accepts emergencies
    • alerts and coordinates emergency forces
  • Provincial warning center:
    • monitors alarm systems (radiation, flood, earthquake, geology)
    • prepares disaster control plans
  • Flood and avalanche protection systems
  • Special trainings of the emergency organizations, e.g. special fields of the professional fire department Innsbruck