Most frequent applications

Here you will find information on the most frequent operations of the Innsbruck professional fire department.

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Fire alarm

The fact is: fire alarms save lives!

Most fire alarms are triggered by automatic systems. In the private sector, it is mainly burnt food that triggers alarms.

The damage caused by a fire is enormous, and not just in a material sense. Irretrievable mementos are often lost. In addition, it is a great effort to recover all lost documents.

People in distress

Good neighborly help can save lives.

If you haven't seen a neighbor for a while, if the newspapers are piled up or if there are any other abnormalities, don't hesitate to knock on your neighbor's door. If there is no sign of life, call the emergency services.

The professional fire department Innsbruck also opens doors when danger is imminent or rescue forces cannot enter an apartment.

Attention: The professional fire department is not a substitute for a locksmith. If you call the fire department without an emergency situation, you will have to expect criminal consequences.

Odor nuisance / burning smell

Do you hear a pungent odor? It smells like smoke or just strange? Do you have a stinging sensation in your eyes or suddenly have to cough?

You can also call the emergency services in this case.

Gas itself, by the way, is odorless, but a distinctive scent is added to it so that a gas leak can be noticed. TIGAS provides odor samples of the distinctive gas odor.

By the way, it is better not to heat your stove during foehn or warm weather. It can happen that the smoke does not escape, but is pushed into the apartment.

Water damage

Whether due to a storm or a leaking washing machine. If you have water damage and there is imminent danger, you can call the emergency number.

Tip: Try turning off the main water tap .

If you live in a very old apartment without a ground fault circuit interrupter, take out the fuses.

Cleaning up after traffic accidents

The professional fire department helps to remove the traces after an accident. For example, they clean up oil spills. If you notice an oil spill in the city and there is imminent danger, do not hesitate to call the emergency services.

Other specialties of the Innsbruck Fire Department

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