Trainings of the professional fire department

In the event of a fire, the most important thing is to act quickly and correctly. That's why the professional fire department offers training in "First and Extended Firefighting Assistance".

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  • First extinguishing assistance are extinguishing measures carried out before the arrival of the fire department by individuals with available small extinguishers.
  • Extended extinguishing assistance are organized extinguishing measures that are carried out before the arrival of the fire department by company employees with provided extinguishing equipment.

What does the training of the professional fire department Innsbruck include?


The training in first or extended firefighting assistance lasts about two hours and can be conducted on site or at the courtyard of the Hauptfeuerwache. It includes:

  • One hour of theory on the handling, mode of action and application of various small extinguishing devices including an instructional video.
  • Simulations of various fire situations, where the training participants practice the theoretically learned extinguishing methods with the small extinguishers on the fire extinguisher training device.


  • 415 euros (regardless of the number of participants)
  • Additionally: costs for the practice fire extinguishers

Practice fire extinguishers:

  • You must obtain the practice fire extinguishers yourself.
  • Refrain from using powder extinguishers (heavy contamination). Instead, choose water, foam, and carbon dioxide extinguishers.
  • When determining the number of fire extinguishers needed, the City Department Professional fire department.. will be glad to give you information.
  • Information on companies that lend fire extinguishers for these purposes is also available from the City Department Professional fire department

Number of participants:

The number of participants should not exceed 25 people per training session, so that all participants have the opportunity to practice sufficiently with the fire extinguishers in a practical way.

For more info please contact the City Department Professional fire department