Food Inspection

The food inspectorate carries out farm inspections, provides farm advisory services and acts as an expert.

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What does the food inspection control?

The Service Unit Food inspection - Markets.. carries out controls of high food and hygiene standards in companies. The basis is the Food Safety and Consumer Protection Act and numerous national and EU regulations.

The inspections range from catering establishments to grocery stores, cosmetics and toy stores, and educational and care facilities. Markets and events in the provincial capital of Innsbruck are also inspected.

In addition, compliance with the Price Labelling Act, the Basic Price Labelling Act and the Weights and Measures Act is checked.

What does the food supervisory authority advise on?

Businesses receive information on the extensive provisions of food law. Furthermore, the Service Unit Food inspection - Markets.. advises businesses on planning and equipment issues.

When does she act as an expert?

If a report by an expert is required for your plant procedure, Service Unit Food inspection - Markets.. carries out an on-site inspection in accordance with the Trade, Commerce and Industry Regulation Act.

When can I contact the food inspectorate?

The Service Unit Food inspection - Markets. is the place to go if you:

  • Have complaints in the area of food, cosmetics and toys.
  • Need help or advice on technical and/or legal questions concerning storage conditions, storage damage, shelf life, labeling and fitness for consumption of food, pest infestation and control.
  • Want to have your sunglasses UV tested.