Free Beat Company

Music connects! Free drumming with the Free Beat Company is liberating and fun. All ages ten and up are welcome.

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Leaders: Maria Zeisler and Gottfried Jaufenthaler

Making music together in an uncomplicated way and without any musical (previous) knowledge! The Free Beat Company of the Music School of the City of Innsbruck makes this wish come true.

"Let's just drum together!" is the motto of the two founders and music teachers Maria Zeisler and Gottfried Jaufenthaler. Since then, young and old, from ten to seventy years old, have been making music together following the Brazilian model, where people dance, sing and make music on the street in a very informal way.

Who can take part?

The offer is free of charge and is open to all young people and adults in the city of Innsbruck from the age of ten.

In the meantime, many young people and adults who thought they had lost their way (musically speaking) are now playing with passion and enthusiasm!

Where & when is the drumming?

Drumming takes place everywhere: at the Free Beat headquarters in Matthias-Schmid-Straße 10, but also in various public places in the city. There have already been performances at the market square, in the town hall galleries, at Adolf-Pichler-Platz, in the hall of the main station and at Sparkassenplatz.

Where and when the next drumming will take place can be found on the website of the Free Beat Company.

Why should I drum?

Music connects and is healthy! Through the Free Beat Company, important contacts have already developed among the drummers. For example, unemployed young people have already found apprenticeships. In addition, rhythm has an effect on health, knows Dr. Maximilian Moser, who is researching this field. "Rhythm brings many things to the center," says Dr. Moser. Tensions are released and many things in the body can flow more freely again.

Workshops, seminars and projects

The Free Beat Company also tries its hand at joint projects such as with "Maria Ma Trio" and organizes drumming workshops for companies. Among them are the Swarovski Company, the Tyrolean Government, the Berlin State Music Academy, the Hamburg Authority for Sport and Music, the Heinrich Schütz Conservatory in Dresden and the Weimar Music Academy. Experience is also passed on in special seminars for educators.


Opening hours

Monday to Thursday:
8.00-12.00 and 13.30-17.00

8.00-12.00 and 13.00-14.00