Innsbruck's twin cities

Innsbruck has seven twin towns. Bringing people together and promoting a broad exchange of experiences is the focus of all town twinning activities.

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Already as the residence city of Emperor Maximilian I, Innsbruck was the heart of Europe in the 15th century. To this day, the city maintains relations with its seven twin cities in Europe and the USA. Friendships have grown over the years through a multitude of citizen encounters and projects, and the active participation of citizens has led to a continuous consolidation of the twinning relationships.

Aalborg (Denmark)

Traditional port city in the far north

The connection between the cities of Aalborg and Innsbruck has existed for decades. Already after the First World War numerous Austrian children found recreation and help in Denmark. in 1982 the official town twinning was established. Particularly important has always been the exchange in the field of sports and youth. Every four years Innsbruck participates in the International Youth Games Aalborg, where young athletes from all Aalborg partner cities compete in various events.

Partnership concluded under Mayor DDr. Alois Lugger and Mayor Kaj Kjaer on March 13, 1982.

  • Population: approx. 143,000
  • Mayor: Lasse Frimand Jensen
  • Contact: City of Aalborg, Boulevarden 13, 9000 Aalborg, DENMARK

Freiburg im Breisgau (Germany)

The gateway to the Black Forest

Freiburg im Breisgau (Baden-Württemberg) is Innsbruck's oldest twin city. The historical connection between the two cities dates back to the time of the Habsburgs. in 1963, the partnership agreement was signed, which was to become the basis for a diverse and lively exchange between Freiburg and Innsbruck associations and institutions in the decades to come. The universities of Innsbruck and Freiburg also maintained active contact then as they do today.

  • Partnership concluded under Mayor DDr. Alois Lugger and Lord Mayor Dr. Eugen Keidel on May 3, 1963
  • Population: approx. 231,000
  • Lord Mayor: Martin Horn
  • Contact: City of Freiburg, Rathausplatz 2-4, 79098 Freiburg im Breisgau, GERMANY

Grenoble (France)

Capital of the Dauphiné

Grenoble is the capital of the Isère department and the Dauphiné region. With the hosting of the tenth Winter Olympics in 1968, the city has built a reputation as a popular vacation destination. Not least because of this, there are many tourist similarities with Innsbruck. The town has been twinned with the French sports city since 1964. In recent years, the Grenoble music festival Divercities in particular has established itself as a fixed point in the friendly relations.

  • Partnership concluded under Mayor DDr. Alois Lugger and Mayor Dr. Albert Michallon on May 10, 1964
  • Population: approx. 158,000
  • Mayor: Eric Piolle
  • Contact: City of Grenoble, 11, bd Jean Pain, CS 91066, 38021 Grenoble cedex 1, FRANCE

Krakow (Poland)

The secret capital of Poland

Krakow is a traditional and popular university city, home to the second oldest university in Central Europe. Poland's second largest city is often referred to as the country's secret cultural capital. The twinning with Innsbruck was established in 1998 and has since been deepened through various school partnerships, exchange programs and participation in markets and events.

  • Partnership concluded under Mayor DDr. Herwig van Staa and President Josef Lassota on August 19, 1998
  • Population: approx. 780,000
  • City president: Prof. Jacek Majchrowski
  • Contact: City of Krakow, pl. Wszystkich Swietych 3-4, 31-004 Kraków, POLAND

New Orleans (USA)

The cradle of jazz

The official city partnership has existed since 1995. However, cooperation between the universities of the two cities dates back to the 1970s. The founding of the "University of New Orleans (UNO) - Summer School" in 1976 was an important step for the partnership between Innsbruck and New Orleans. Since then, students from New Orleans have come to Innsbruck every year in July and August. For many years now, the "New Orleans Jazz Festival" in Innsbruck has been an integral part of the partnership between the two cities.

  • Partnership concluded under Mayor DDr. Herwig van Staa and Mayor Jim Singleton on July 4, 1995
  • Population: approx. 384,000
  • Mayor: LaToya Cantrell
  • Contact: City of New Orleans, Suite 2E04, 1300 Perdido St, New Orleans, LA 70112, USA

Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

The European Jerusalem

Sarajevo is closely linked to Innsbruck as the venue of the 1984 Winter Olympics. During the Bosnian war and after the siege of Sarajevo, the city of Innsbruck tried to provide support and aid to its twin city Sarajevo with numerous measures. Until today, the two cities are connected by a colorful and lively twinning, with enriching cooperation and exchange programs in the fields of sports and culture.

  • Partnership concluded under Mayor DDr. Alois Lugger and Mayor Ante Sucic on October 27, 1980
  • Population: approx. 290,000
  • Mayor: Benjamina Karić
  • Contact: City of Sarajevo, Ul. Hamdije Kreševljakovica 3, 71000 Sarajevo, BOSNIA I HERCEGOVINA

Tbilisi (Georgia)

Multicultural melting pot on the Caucasus

After the collapse of the Soviet Union and the regaining of Georgia's independence, Tbilisi was supported by the city of Innsbruck, primarily through humanitarian aid. Today, Tbilisi is a vibrant and up-and-coming city with a diverse cultural offering and a popular tourist destination. One focus of the partnership with Tbilisi, which has existed since 1982, is the annual participation of students from Tbilisi in intensive German courses at the University of Innsbruck.

  • Partnership concluded under Mayor DDr. Alois Lugger and the President of the Executive Committee Guram Gabunia on October 9, 1982
  • Population: approx. 1,080,000
  • Mayor: Kakha Kaladze
  • Contact: City of Tbilisi, 7 J.Shartava st., Tbilisi 0160, GEORGIA