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Innsbruck is the alpine-urban business location in the heart of the Alps and Europe!

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Innsbruck is surrounded by the Alps in the heart of Europe. The Tyrolean capital combines the alpine with the urban, is a bridge between northern and southern Europe, a three-time Olympic city and a gathering place for highly qualified workers, sports enthusiasts and nature lovers.

"Innsbruck fascinates with alpine-urban impressions and experiences and inspires an active, vital lifestyle." - the Innsbruck brand

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8 good reasons for Innsbruck

1. Central location

Innsbruck is located in the heart of Europe between the strong locations of southern Germany and northern Italy.

2. Quality of life

"Living where others go on vacation": If you love mountains, nature and sports, you will hardly find a more suitable place than Innsbruck. For you as an entrepreneur, this means not only well-trained specialists, but also above-average healthy employees.

3. Tourism and event venue

900.000 guests per year visit Innsbruck - with an upward trend. Innsbruck Tourism, with its 40 municipalities, is one of the largest tourism associations in Austria. International sporting events and trade fairs are the norm here. But the three-time Olympic city is also known for its culture and has made an international name for itself with, among other things, the Early Music Festival Weeks.

4. Well educated workforce

More than 36,000 people study at Innsbruck's universities and universities of applied sciences. A quarter of Innsbruck's population over the age of 15 has a university degree.

5. Education and research location

The Leopold Franzens University of Innsbruck alone has 16 faculties with four research platforms, seven competence centers, 40 research centers, seven research foci and numerous research award winners. In addition, there is the Medical University of Innsbruck, the University of Education and the Management Center Innsbruck with further research foci. All educational institutes are committed to close cooperation with business enterprises.

6. Security

In Innsbruck, there is not only legal certainty, but also a stable price level and a high level of public safety.

7. Fair social partnership

Austria is envied worldwide for its functioning social partnership between employers' and employees' associations. It ensures stable wages and virtually no strikes.

8. Infrastructure

Prerequisites ranging from the airport, train, streetcar and bus to fiber optic connections, clean energy and drinking water quality in all bodies of water are just as much a given as the social infrastructure, starting with the Tyrolean Provincial Hospital, educational and cultural facilities, and sports and leisure facilities.

Innsbruck in numbers

Facts and figures about the city of Innsbruck can be found clearly presented in the geoHub of the city of Innsbruck.

Innsbruck City Marketing

Innsbruck Stadtmarketing GmbH provides targeted support for "Innsbruck as a location" by strengthening, highlighting and further developing the special features of Tyrol's capital city. In the competition between cities, it is the unique combination of mountains and nature, sports, adventure and culture that sets Innsbruck apart from other cities. The awareness and attractiveness of "Innsbruck as a location" as a city of tourism, culture, sports and knowledge is strengthened by seasonal events and activities organized by Stadtmarketing GmbH.

Tyrol Business Location Agency

The Standortagentur is the central point of contact for business settlements and, as a service institution of the state, has the task of convincing entrepreneurs of the advantages of the location, to undertake efforts in business development, to intensify the transfer of knowledge and technology, to network the economy as well as to promote training and further education. Particular support is given to companies that generate a high proportion of added value, employment and growth.

Tourism Association Innsbruck and its Holiday Villages

The tourism association Innsbruck and its vacation villages is responsible for the touristic development of the region Innsbruck and the information of guests.


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