Annuity subsidy

Under certain conditions, the annuity subsidy will help you pay for your freehold financed condominium.

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What is the annuity subsidy?

The annuity subsidy supports all privately financed apartments as well as apartments subsidized with an acquisition subsidy in the form of a loan.

Condominiums subsidized with Wohnbauscheck areexcluded.

If certain requirements are met, the annuity subsidy can be applied for by mail or in person at Service Unit Rent subsidy of the City of Innsbruck. Please have the necessary documents ready.

Would you like to make an appointment for a consultation?

You can book an appointment online for personal consultations. You also still have the option of coming by without an appointment and buying a ticket at the terminal on site.

Under what conditions do I receive annuity subsidies?

  • You have purchased a privately financed condominium (acquisition subsidy in the form of a loan is possible). For housing-subsidized condominiums, an application for housing subsid y can be submitted to the Office of the Tyrolean Provincial Government.
  • You have financed the condominium through loan(s).
  • You have the main residence in this apartment.
  • You are at least 18 years old.
  • Your main residence has been in Innsbruck continuously for at least two years prior to the application. It is also possible if they can prove fifteen years of main residence (also not contiguous) in Innsbruck.

Which documents do I need?

You will need copies of these documents

  • fee-based purchase contract - only for initial application
  • Confirmation of registration
  • Credit confirmation(s) (form F65)
  • Prescription about maintenance and administration costs
  • Proof of income (of the applicant and all persons living in the same household)
    • Annual payslip of the previous calendar year (1.1. - 31.12.)
    • the last drei-four monthly payslips/current pension statement
    • Income tax statement of the last assessed calendar year
    • Confirmation of unemployment benefit, childcare allowance (maternity allowance), AMS allowance
    • Confirmation of alimony/allowance payments (e.g. bank statement)
    • for apprentices: Apprenticeship contract and current pay slip
  • for children over the age of 15: confirmation of school attendance
  • Information sheet on data protection
  • for housewives/men: insurance data extract/co-insurance from ÖGK
  • Copy of disability certificate (min. 55%)

How much is the annuity aid?

With the aid calculator of the province of Tyrol you can calculate the approximate amount of the aid in advance.

Where do I apply for annuity assistance?

You can apply for the annuity grant by post or in person at the Service Unit Rent subsidy of the City of Innsbruck. Please bring the completed application forms: Application for annuity grant, loan confirmation( s) and the required documents.

You can arrange a consultation appointment here.

Other questions and answers

Will I receive a notification of the granting of aid?

Yes, you will receive a notice from the Office of the Tyrolean Provincial Government in the month of the first payment. This will state the amount and duration of the subsidy. Please make sure that your mailbox is labeled so that you can be sure to receive the notice. The average processing time is drei to four weeks.

How long will I receive the allowance?

The aid is generally granted for one year, after which you must submit a new application. If you reapply within drei months of the expiration date of the grant, the grant will be paid retroactively from the expiration date. If this period is exceeded, you will again receive the supplementary aid as of the month following the application, as was the case with the initial application. If the application is submitted within the first drei working days, the aid will be granted already in the current month.

Is the annuity subsidy automatically discontinued if the apartment is given up/sold?

No. If the apartment is sold, the change must be reported immediately to Service Unit Rent subsidy... Failure to do so will result in the recovery of the wrongly received subsidy. Failure to provide truthful information may also result in criminal penalties (social abuse).

When do I have to report changes in family and income circumstances?

Immediately after the changes occur. If these changes are discovered ex officio, this will result in the discontinuation of the benefit. If information is obviously deliberately concealed, this may also lead to criminal consequences. Minor changes in the loan amount(s) will not be taken into account during the year, but only with the next follow-up application.

Who do I contact if I have further questions?

If you have any further questions, please contact the Service Unit Rent subsidy. Under the link you will also find the office hours for telephone accessibility and party hours.

Please bring the completed application forms: Application Annuity Grant, Loan Confirmation(s) and the required documents.

Applications for annuity assistance may be made by mail or in person.